Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag

Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag

Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag

There is a noticeable chill in the air lads. It’s about this time of the year where you start looking for the best pubs with a fireplace to warm yourself up with a hot whiskey or pint. A Stag Party at this time of the year is fantastic in my opinion. It’s great pub weather. However, I do love a stag party activity. But, if you fancy staying indoors and warm. Here are a few Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag!

Bubble Football

Have You Tried Bubble Football Yet

A classic Stag Party activity at this stage. Bubble Football never fails to deliver a great day of messing. Jump inside an inflatable ball and begin to bump and whack your best friends into next week. Oh there is a game of football still to be played and some goals to bag. But, trust me when I say it. Once the whistle goes you’ll care very little about the ball and your aim will be to settle a few old scores.

The beauty of Bubble Football is that it can be played almost anywhere and at this time of the year you’ll be sure to be indoors!

Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey tasting

Start as you mean to go I say. If you’re having a Winter Stag Party and you hate the cold. Well then park yourself in some cosy surroundings and enjoy a whiskey tasting. The Whiskey will not only warm up your insides but it will warm you up for the night ahead. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to try different whiskeys that you may normally not try! Cheers lads!


5 Ways To Kill It At Karting

There are plenty of great Indoor Karting tracks in Ireland which is why it makes the list of Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag! A nice dry track to not only fuel your need for speed and deliver that adrenaline hit. Karting will allow you test your driving skills against your best mates. Who doesn’t want to know who is the best driver in the group?

Connemara Pub Tour

Connemara Pub Tour

As I mentioned already. Winter is brilliant pub weather. Tasty pints, fire roaring and plenty of sport on TV. If your stag is all about enjoying the inside of Ireland’s fantastic public houses. Make sure you check out the Connemara Pub Tour. You’ll be ferried to some brilliant pubs in Connemara setting you nicely for a big night out in Galway or Westport.

Football Darts

Football Darts

One for the football mad Stag. After you’ve risen from the first night of the stag. Test your footballing skills with some Football Darts. Play in teams or as individuals to win a certain number of games. Will you be the first to hit 180? Or will you be the one who misses the huge dart board completely when you do the broomstick spin?

So there you have it lads. Just a few of my favourite Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag! Will you be trying any of these great stag party activities before a big night ahead?

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