Medieval Feast

Medieval Feast

Medieval feast

A stag party is the coming together of a brotherhood that has a strong bond. You are all there to celebrate with your best friend before the big day. What better way than to relax and indulge than at a Medieval style banquet! Perfect for the groom who is all about Game of Thrones, or maybe is just really into eating with his hands. Announce a feast fit for a king! This activity can be a good example of the more the merrier, so maybe extend the invite to all of the subjects in the land.

So, eat, drink and be merry! A pig on a spit would be perfect for this medieval feast. Failing that, a large roast turkey would be ideal. The groom can tear off a leg and feast into it like medieval royalty. In any case, a lot of meat – meat in any form, preferably, on large platters. Big bowls of roast potatoes and veg, cheese board and platters of fruit – everything in abundance. Lets not forget those great big tankards overflowing with ale!

Whatever you organise for that upcoming stag night, you are going to have to eat. You might as well eat about twelve times more than you normally would at a medieval style banquet, right? An ideal way to end a day of activities. This medieval feast would be the perfect way to refuel after a few rounds of axe throwing. Axe throwing is hungry work. Learn more about it here!

So, will you try something different and unique on your stag and round up the lads for a Medieval Feast.



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