The Stag Vs Food Challenge

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The Stag Vs Food Challenge

We’ve recently launched Stag Vs Food as one our great new stag party activities in 2017. So it was only right that I go and to take it on. I headed to the fantastic West Cork town of Clonakilty to take on the Stag Vs Food Challenge.

I left the office full of confidence proud knowing I have a decent appetite and love a good fry up. That confidence left me very quickly when I saw the waitress coming down with what I was about to eat. She even had to give me a bigger table in the pub as it wouldn’t all fit on the normal pub tables lads.

So this massive fry up consisted of:

  • 5 Rashers
  • 5 Sausages
  • 4 Fried Tomatoes
  • 4 Fried Eggs
  • 5 Hash Browns
  • 5 Bits of Clonakilty Black Pudding (The Best Black Pudding in my opinion)
  • Bowl of Mushrooms
  • Bowl of Beans
  • A Bowl of Chips
  • 9 Slices of bread and toast (4 slices of white toast, 2 slices of white bread, 3 slices of Soda bread)
  • Glass of Orange Juice
  • Pot of Tea

Firstly, I took a moment to try and think of some tactics and then just ploughed into it. I had a timer of course with any good food challenge. There was no time limit to finish but I wanted to post a good time. I cleared the plate of food, the bowls of beans and mushrooms in 27 minutes lads. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms so to get them down the hatch was a real struggle.

Starting to feel full at this stage I was still happy to continue. But what lay ahead was chips, bread and more bread. I tried combining the two into a chip buttie. It felt like the bread instantly expanded on hitting my stomach. The Food Baby was starting to show lads.

I had hit the wall then. I struggled on for a few more slices but ultimately failed in my attempt to complete this challenge. The after picture says it all.

I called it just shy of 41 minutes of solid eating because The Stag Vs Food Challenge had beaten me. I got my tactics wrong I was told by the chef and sure I didn’t have a crowd to cheer me on either. This stag party activity however I thought would be great craic with the lads, having a few beers and watching the groom struggle on.

A huge thanks again to Mick Finns pub in Clonakilty for having me. I’ll be back for round 2 and hopefully this time come away with the win!

Finally, If you’re interested in booking the Stag Vs Food Challenge as your stag party activity. Call us now on 051390383 or email us on for more details.



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