Stag Vs Food Takes On The An Poc Fada Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The An Poc Fada Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The An Poc Fada Challenge

Another week and another food challenge! This time it was up to the Marble County and Kilkenny City to take on the An Poc Fada food challenge. A Kilkenny stag party is always a brilliant weekend. So it was only fitting I should take on a challenge here. An Poc Fada is one of Kilkenny’s top pubs and knowing this I knew that whatever challenge they put in front of me would be a tough.

This Stag Vs Food challenge gentlemen consisted of 25 Onion Rings, 25 Sausages, 10 Big Chicken Wings, 10 Chicken Goujons and 3 Buckets of chips. They were also very kind to provide me with a few dips too. There was no time limit, just simply get your best time.

Now I’ve been through a few food challenges at this stage. When I was presented with the platter of food I felt quietly confident in completing this challenge in a pretty good time. Everything on the platter I liked and I had dips to help get some of it down too. So I started the stopwatch and I got stuck in.

I wolfed through the 25 Onion rings in under 3 minutes. It was like I was eating skittles or something. I then turned my attentions to the goujons. This was because they were covered bread and I’ve been undone in a few challenges because of them. My pace slowed considerably eating them. The batter on the onion rings were starting to fill my stomach too.

On completing the goujons I decided to get through some of the chips. I backed myself to be able to eat all the meat but those chips can be the end of you on this Stag Vs Food Challenge. I tipped out one of the buckets of chips. My jaw dropped at the sheer amount of chips that came out of the bucket. That small bucket seemed bottomless and the fear of not completing this challenge set in.

I slowly made my way through the first bucket of chips. In my mind I knew that I wouldn’t be setting an impressive time. Then I munched into the chicken wings that were proper big wings lads. They were really tasty and a part of me wished I had them earlier to really enjoy them.

During the entire challenge I kept eating one or two sausages to break the back of it. So when it came to the home stretch I could finish strong. However when that time came I had hit a food wall and every bite seem to take an age to eat. When I finally finished the last bite the clock read 47 minutes and 47 seconds.

This Stag Vs Food challenge was deceptively difficult lads. A worthy Stag Vs Food challenge for any of our Kilkenny stag parties. This food challenge would be a fantastic way to kick off the stag night and enjoy the groom struggling over a few beers. There is more than one way to get the groom on his stag party weekend eh.

A big thanks again to An Poc Fada Kilkenny for inviting me up to take it on. The food was delicious. So lads, know anyone that could finish this challenge in a quicker time?

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