Top 7 Stag Party Activities in Limerick

top limerick stag activities

Top 7 Stag Party Activities in Limerick

Ah the Treaty City is a fantastic gem of city located on the banks of the river Shannon. It’s the home of Thomond Park where Munster stand up and fight weekly in the Pro12 and the European Champions cup and a place that is as rich in folklore as the rest of the city and county. If you haven’t been to Limerick yet you really are missing out. Even the great JFK himself visited in 1963 before heading back to the U.S.

Nowadays, the city has become one of Ireland’s go to locations for stag party groups. Thronged full of bars, sports bars, and night clubs you’ll need plenty of energy for a full on stag party weekend. No need for a siege mentality in the city once know as the ‘city of sieges’ as the people of Limerick are up for a mad night just as much as you are.

With the nightlife taking care of itself, you might be wondering what you’ll during the day, or the evening when you eventually wake up after last nights antics, on your stag party weekend. Well we’ve put together the top 7 stag party activities in Limerick.


A Night At The Dogs

If you and your group aren’t the most active of bunch and really can’t see yourselves being in any condition to do operate anything other than yourselves after a big night out, then why not take in an evening and night at the dogs. Enjoy a bit of food, a few cheeky bets and of course a few beers. A great way to start the evenings proceedings before heading to the club. But everyone kept telling me to go for Number 3!


Bubble Football

This is by far one of my favourite stag party activities, maybe it’s because I’m generally awful at football and better at running into people which is encouraged in this activity. It’s basically playing 5-aside while surrounded by a Zorb ball. Trust me when I say scoring and staying on your feet is very difficult, and this stag party activity will have you in stitches laughing from start to finish.


Segway Polo

I think everyone knew at some point after the segway was released that someone would incorporate it into a sport. All I can say is that it was an inspired idea. This stag party activity takes skill and technique to ultimately beat your opponent. But, the true beauty in this game is seeing your mates fail at controlling the segway and falling over more than a premier league footballer. A lot of places will even have different warm up games on the segways like frizbee and nerf guns. Who doesn’t love Nerf guns lads!


Cable Wakeboarding

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie then a spot of cable wake-boarding is the perfect stag party activity for you. It will take a little while to get used to the pulley system and standing up but as soon as you’ve nailed all that, you’ll be zipping along the water and trying to pull some strangely named jump and fail miserably. Also this is also a great stag party activity to see your mates face plant on the water and fall over repeatedly.


Adventure Centre

If you think you’ll be up nice and early after a big night out. Then why not take in a day at an adventure centre. Enjoy a spot of archery, kayaking, abseiling, and even some gladiator games. You’ll probably find this is a great way to refresh yourself before another big night out on the town. The cold water tends to do that.


Kayaking Through The City

On the subject of water and kayaking you can always enjoy a bit of kayaking through Limerick city and along the mighty river Shannon. You’ll get to see the city in a whole new way. You’ll also be let in on a bit of history about one of Ireland’s most historically rich cities. Having experienced it first hand, I can tell you lads you’re in for a treat. It’s something a bit different.



It’s a classic stag party activity and for good reasons too. Spend a day rolling around in the dirt and mud while firing high powered paintball’s at your best mates. You might even send them home with a colourful memento! It doesn’t get better than that really. It also allows you to play a stag party prank like paintball rabbit if the staff like ye enough.



So there you go, the Top 7 Stag Party Activities in Limerick. All you have to ask yourself now is what stag party activity will you choose? And, make sure to check our activities page to see the full range of activities we have on offer.


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