Segway Polo

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Segway Polo

So what is Segway Polo?

Ok so forget the horses. Segway Polo is a game of two teams playing against each other on Segway’s with Polo Mallets (a big stick) trying to score in their opponents goal!

To start you’ll get a bit of practice on the Segway followed by a Segway Frisbee game and then a Segway Nerf Gun battle.

Next you’ll move onto the main event – Segway Polo. By now you’ll all be masters of the Segway, able to turn, shoot and block like a pro. So let the game begin lads. The fun you’ll have racing around on the Segways is something else!


The organisers will also keep you fed and watered with snacks and soft drinks complimentary.


And finally, you’ll cool down and finish the day off with a Segway Water Blaster battle.


This activity is available in loads of locations nationwide – Carlow, Carrick on Shannon, Clonakilty, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick, Navan, Sligo, Waterford and Wexford.


Contact us at today for more information!



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