Top Stag Party Activities for 2019

Top Stag Party Activities for 2019

Top Stag Party Activities for 2019

Well lads it’s that time of year again. A few good men have bitten the bullet over the last few months and possibly over the Christmas period. They’ve decided to hitch their wagon to another as one would say. So, that means there’s a wedding invite on it’s way shortly but also and probably the best bit about your mate getting married. There is a Stag Party weekend on it’s way! So get feckin excited lads and start planning a proper send off. We’ve put together the Top Stag Party Activities for 2019 but which one will you choose?

Clay Pigeon Shooting

First on the list of Top Stag Party Activities for 2019 is Clay Pigeon Shooting lads! This is one hell of a stag party activity. From the moment you pull the trigger, and probably miss the clay pigeon, you’ll be hooked. You’ll get plenty of practice rounds before going head to head with your mates to see who is the top marksmen in the group. I can’t recommend it enough lads and you’ll be chatting about it down the pub afterwards for sure.

Archery Tag

Next up is Archery Tag. There is just something beautiful about showing how much a mate means to you by firing arrows or inflicting some sort of physical pain on them. Archery Tag allows you to release your inner Robin Hood as you try and capture your opponents flag by taking out the other team. The arrows have foam tips on them so no fear of any injury. Your competitive side is sure to come out in this stag party activity and when you nail a glorious head shot there is no better feeling.


Staying on the same vein of trying to inflict a little bit of pain on a friend. We have Paintball. A classic among stags and looks like it will remain that way again with Stags in 2019. There is nothing better than rounding up all the lads, throwing on some overalls, grabbing some Paintball guns and unleashing paintball warfare on each other. It’s brilliant fun and one hell of a way to get rid of the hangover from the night before and prepare for the second night at it!


No surprise that Karting makes the list again for the Top Stag Party Activities for 2019. Sure who doesn’t love a good adrenaline rush as you race around the track in a bid to see who is the quickest and best driver among you. You can say you’re not competitive but when you see those lap times your tune will change. Karting is an incredible stag party activity that will have the whole group laughing and smiling from ear to ear and ready to take on the stag night ahead!

Axe Throwing

No if this doesn’t sound like the most manly of stag party activities I don’t know what does. You’ll spend an afternoon learning how to fling axes through the air at targets and unleashing your inner cave man. It’s harder than it sounds lads and there is always one fella who has zero accuracy. But it’s brilliant craic and fantastic way to warm up for your Stag night ahead.

And for something a little different. How about you try the…

Bare Foot Broken Glass Challenge

If you ever fancied walking on glass. Well now you can on your Stag Party weekend in 2019. Find out who the real men are in the group and after a little training see who can walk on broken glass and come away unscathed. Think you could do it lads?

So there you have it lads. The Top Stag Party Activities for 2019! We’ve tons of other brilliant stag party activities on offer so make sure to check our the Activities Page for the full list. The hardest part will be choosing which great stag party activity to do.

Finally, if you’re interested in any of these stag party activities for your Stag Party weekend. Drop us a line on or call us on 051-390383 for more details!



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