Why a Killarney Stag Party is a fantastic choice

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Looking for a Stag Party location? How about Killarney? Down south in County Kerry, Killarney is an amazing town that has so much to offer Stag Parties. It’s a hotspot for both Stags and Hens and we’re about to show you why that is. Killarney is one of those towns that’s relatively small but packs a lot in so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in Killarney. Especially with everything being only a few minutes walk away from each other. The atmosphere around the town is really relaxed and friendly. It’s a really welcoming location, lads! So here’s everything you need to know about a Killarney Stag Party.


The town is surrounded by mountains so no matter where you are in the town you’ll see mountains in the background. You’ll more than likely travel through those mountains to get to the town and it leads to a very scenic journey. Once you get to Killarney you’ll notice that the locals are very friendly! You’ll be welcomed wherever you go and that definitely makes things much easier for a Stag Party. So let’s get into the fun stuff, lads!


The Food and Drinks on a Killarney Stag Party

You’ll have no shortage of places to go to for food or drinks around Killarney. For a spot of Breakfast you can head to the Danny Mann or the Caragh Restaurant. For lunch head to the Scéal Eile or the Lir Cafe. Finally, for dinner some of the best spots are the Porterhouse and Milanos, both of which serve all of your favourite drinks so you can get the party started at dinner time lads!


The Activities

Killarney is home to a whole host of activities. Good news for any Stag Party! Why not tour the lakes around Killarney and take in some of the fantastic scenery that Ireland has to offer. Or how about a spot of Laser Combat or Paintballing? Get competitive and shoot your friends in some relatively painless activities. Some of the other activities available include things such as Bubble Soccer, Escape Rooms, Rock Climbing and Abseiling, Kayaking and many, many more! You’ll have plenty of activities to choose from, lads!


The Accommodation on a Killarney Stag Party

Killarney boasts so many hotels and apartments for you to stay in for your Stag Party. You’ll find most of them in the centre of the town or else a ten minute walk away on Muckross Road. So hit the town hard and then hit the hay ten minutes later in a stylish hotel or apartment. Winning! If camping is your thing then that’s also an option. Or go a level higher and go Glamping. Find yourself a cabin or a hut and you can enjoy some of the fantastic countryside around Killarney. Either way you’ll have a great stay on a Killarney Stag Party.


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