Zip Lining A Proper Stag Party Activity

Zip Lining A Proper Stag Party Activity

Zip Lining A Proper Stag Party Activity

So I recently had the absolute pleasure of venturing out to Farran Woods in Co. Cork for a spot of Zip Lining with Zipit. Lads it didn’t disappoint one bit. There is a reason why more and more stag parties are deciding to go with Zip Lining as a stag party activity. This is Zip Lining A Proper Stag Party Activity.



Farran Woods is about a 20 minute drive from Cork city centre. It’s really easy to find and after you’re finished swinging from the trees for the day you’ll be back in Cork city in no time for a mad night on the town. So no need to worry lads you’ll be back on the pints sooner than you think.

On arrival in Farran Woods there is no missing 4 big zip lines that run across both car parks and then disappear into the trees where the platforms are. Time then to get harnessed up, and slip on a pair of gloves.

Then there is a safety briefing…

Then there is a safety briefing and demonstration on how to use your equipment. The system used means at all times you will be attached to a cable. Trust me when you get up high you’ll be thankful of it.

The instructor will show you how to clip on and off and what to do when you come across certain obstacles. And of course how to attach your zip line. After a quick little practice course it’s ready to get started.

First up was the green course, which is relatively close to the ground, but this course is great to practice using the clips, tackling the obstacles and zip lining of course. My advice is to take your time doing this because the courses get higher and the obstacles more tricky as you go along.

Next up for me was the white course. This involved a long ladder climb to the first platform before a really long zip line. The next platform you land on has a rock climbing wall on the side of the tree to go even higher. This rock climbing wall leads onto a hand bike, balance beams, rope sings, a rope wall and some really quick zip lines. The adrenaline goes up a notch on this course. Exactly what you want for any stag party!

Zip Lining Stag Party

This was followed by…

This was followed by the Blue course. On this course you’ll be doing the big zip lines across the car parks and getting close to the tree tops. There is also a snowboard to deal with and another massive rock climbing wall. If your fear of heights hasn’t been tested yet this will be sure to. However, it’s such an exhilarating feeling when you leap from the platform and zip across. You’ll feel the adrenaline pumping and there’s no way you won’t have a smile on your face afterwards. If you have a go pro, or like me was brave enough just hold their phone during it, make sure and capture your reaction. Check out my video here!

Finally, the Red course. The highest zip line course in the woods. It begins with a modest climb to a platform before cycling, yes cycling, across a rope bridge. Free beer for the guy who pulls a wheelie. Then it’s time to climb a tree trunk up to the first obstacle. All the obstacles on this course will test your nerve. There is no wire for your feet like on the previous courses.

Zip Lining Stag Party

This makes the obstacles really wobbly, taxing and more terrifying when you look down and see no where to put your feet. The distances vary between rope obstacles which means you really have to stretch. At each platform you make it to, you’ll physically feel the adrenaline pumping and you’ll be catching your breath. This course takes some time to get through, and if you want to add an extra competitive edge which should be the case on any good stag party, do a time trial. Fastest wins a prize, a pint, and the slowest or if they back out a forfeit!


At the very end…

At the very end of the Red Course, you have to base jump! I kid you not. You attached your hooks and harness to this cable and you have to trust it. That way, when you jump it will catch you halfway down and land you safely on terra firma. It does, otherwise I’d be writing this from the hospital but you’ll be sweating bullets, and thinking I wish I wasn’t as heavy as I am, just before you make that leap. And when you’re free falling the adrenaline will be pumping. It’s some rush!

I can’t speak highly enough of Zip Lining as a stag party activity. It has everything a stag party would want and the craic throughout the day would be great for any stag. Adrenaline pumping, jokes flying and seeing who’s man enough for the high zip lines. You’ll be talking about it long into the night.

Zip Lining A Proper Stag Party Activity which I’d highly recommend doing sooner rather than later. And it’s definitely a unique stag party activity that all the lads on the stag will love. Possibly even something they haven’t tried yet!

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