Another Horn

Another Horn

Another Horn

Lads, we here at think it’s time to get another horn…

…an air horn of course you dirty minded feckers!

Two things are sure to happen on a stag party. One being drinking and Two being stag pranks. After a skin full of booze, the groom is going to pass out at the end of the night and sleep like a log. Trust us, it’s a regular occurrence lads.

But come the next day, as much as you’d like to stay in bed and not feel the effects of last night, you’ll have to get up. And part of that requires you to eventually wake the groom to be. So if you’re going to all that hassle you may as well enjoy waking him. Right, lads?

Why not use this classic stag party idea of using an airhorn to wake him up. It’ll be super funny as he not only jumps out of his skin from the fright, but also out of his skin. Let’s just hope he doesn’t react like this guy!

So give this one a go and let us know how it goes. You might even want to have a camera ready to catch his reaction…just an idea.



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