Bringing The Wife

Bringing The Wife 1

Bringing The Wife

Give the stag the fright of his life with this great ‘Bringing The Wife’ stag prank. All you have to do is convince him that this is the ‘surprise’. That surprise you have been talking about for his stag party.

A good place to say you’re bringing the wife is in the car. Just on the way to the stag party when he is trapped. Act shocked when he freaks out and tell him how you don’t understand, that you thought he would be delighted.

Or to really freak him out if the bride is up for it. She might even get in on the act and turn up with a bag when you are heading off saying ‘Surprise!’.

The key to this prank and all Stag pranks is making it believable – straight faces and act really upset when he freaks out. Priceless. Remember even the pro’s find it hard to keep a straight face sometimes.



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