Broken Leg

Broken Leg

Broken Leg

So lads, are you looking for a prank that will be great for the stag party? The Broken Leg prank is one to tell the grandchildren about if you pull it off.  It really takes a lot to achieve this fantastic prank but the result can be more than worth it.

If and when the groom goes to sleep, get the cast on his leg. You will need someone who can actually plaster cast a leg and more importantly can do it after a few pints. You will also need to make sure that the stag sleeps through it all, an extra few shots will do, which won’t be hard on a stag party.

When he comes to in the morning and can’t remember anything, tell him he fell off a table and that’s how he has a broken leg.

Or to really freak him out, tell him he fell off a pole dancers’ podium.

He’ll spend the next day walking around in a cast while thinking he drank so much that he can’t feel anything.



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