Fake Tan The Groom

Fake Tan The Groom

Fake Tan The Groom

Lads, are you looking for a hilarious prank? Then this is the one for you! If the groom is one of these vain guys, who looks at himself in every reflective surface, then the  ‘Fake Tan the Groom’ prank is the stag party prank for you.

You won’t be able to fake tan the groom easily for obvious reasons so, hold him down, it may take a couple of ye, and give him a good old going over with a bottle of fake tan.

Nothing like an orange face to make a lad stand out on his stag.

There are two types of fake tan on the market,for those of you that don’t know. One type washes off and we don’t suggest you use this. Our advice, make sure he ends up on one of those fake tan fails list.

This is not a prank for a few days before the wedding…Finally, for more great ideas on your Stag. Make sure to check out our stag party ideas section.



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