Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Lads are you looking for a hilarious prank to pull for the stag party? This one will be the perfect choice for any group! The Monkey Business stag party prank will leave everyone in stitches laughing. But only if you can get the Stag to do it! Let’s be honest every stag party needs a good stag prank and you can’t go wrong with this prank.

Coax your Stag into a full-sized gorilla outfit! Seal the seams and his mouth and leave him in the middle of town, unable to communicate outside of a genuine monkey-style fashion.

But remember, you will probably have to keep an eye on him from a close distance…just in case.

Pro: Plenty of laughs at the Stag!

Con: Getting him into the suit!!

This is a hilarious prank and perfect for plenty of photo ops. So what are you waiting for lads?



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