Paintball Rabbit

Paintball Rabbit

Paintball Rabbit

Are you and your group going to take part in paintballing for the stag party? Well then the Paintball Rabbit prank is a fun idea for you to scare the Groom. But it will also improve your target practice. You’ll actually be amazed at how much better your aim is when it’s one of your friends running across the grass.

This paintball prank is as you guessed it! All you have to do is simply dress the Groom up in a rabbit costume. Yes, a rabbit. And then all you have to do is use him as target practice. It’s paintballing, so he’ll have been expecting to get shot a lot anyway!

When you get to the paintball centre, present him with his giant bunny outfit. Complete it with facepaint if you are an obsessive.

Give him a five minute head start, because your gents and good sports, and then hunt that rabbit down.



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