Shave Eyebrows

Shave Eyebrows

Shave Eyebrows

Since men have walked the earth, stag parties have decided to shave eyebrows of the groom. The groom falls asleep, the shaving foam and razor come out, and he wakes in the morning looking like he is in a permanent state of surprise.

This is funny. Of course it is. Who wouldn’t find a grown man with no eyebrows funny. But this is also dangerous.

If the Stag party is anywhere within 16 weeks of the wedding, DO NOT SHAVE HIS EYEBROWS. No matter how hysterical everyone finds it at breakfast the morning after the stag, his wife-to-be will never ever, and we stress, ever forgive you if he doesn’t have thick fluffy brows on the wedding day.

You have been warned! Shave eyebrows off the groom means being in the bad books for life! Especially if they’re still missing for the wedding. We can’t stress this enough lads!



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