Stag Do Fox Hunt

Stag Do Fox Hunt

Stag Do Fox Hunt

There a few stag party ideas that you come across from time to time that you just have to sit back and applaud. This is one of them lads. The Stag Do Fox Hunt is a combination of a great stag party theme and stag party prank. How we don’t see this more often is beyond me.

The idea is very simple. The groom, the best man, groomsmen and who ever else is in the wedding party all dress up as foxes for the day. The rest of the stag party group then dress up as the hunters. Fully dressed in red jackets, white trousers with the black boots and cap.

The foxes are then given a 20 to 30 second head start before the hunters set off on their hunt for the wedding party. This is of course to the sound of the horn. This stag party prank is a laugh a minute as your race through a city centre or town and watch people’s reactions.

It really is unique stag party idea and one that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. What you do with the foxes when you catch them is your decision. But some nasty shots is always my go to call.

Have a look below at this stag hunting foxes! And remember if you do decide to do a Stag Do Fox Hunt…Happy Hunting!

Was the fox at the end in the jacks???



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