The Lamp Post prank

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The Lamp Post prank.

Stag party pranks are always a great laugh on a stag party. Whether you are in Killarney, Kilkenny or over on the Aran Islands, the Lamp Post prank is never a bad idea to have up your sleeve. It’ll have everyone laughing as the Groom struggles to get back to his feet!

An oldie but a goodie, lads have been tying other lads to lampposts on their stags for years.

We don’t advocate taking his clothes off, but a sparkly thong never goes astray… or even a mankini if you are brave

Make sure you don’t leave anything in his pockets that can be stolen.

And needless to say lads, don’t leave him there all night. The The Lamp Post prank can get chilly…

Stag party pranks are a must for a stag party in Ireland. So why not give this one a go and see how it turns out?



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