The Strip

The Strip

The Strip

The Strip doesn’t involve the stag taking off his clothes in a seductive manner for all the lads! Unless that’s what you are in to and more power to you.

The strip involves waxing the stag, and making him as smooth as the day he was born. The chances are his fiancé will be the one to suggest this prank to you as she’s fed up of his hairy back.

Just pick up a pack of wax strips in any pharmacy. When you are out the night of the stag party, give 3 girls the opportunity to select anywhere on the stag they’d like to wax! Girls will know the most painful places to wax, just giving ye the heads up.

Yup, pain. And a good laugh for the rest of you just like when the 40 year old virgin got waxed! Finally, for more great ideas, make sure you check out our Stag Party Ideas section.



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