Venue Prank

Venue Prank

Venue Prank

The Venue Prank is a classic stag party prank. We all know stag parties are all about the laughs right? And while this prank isn’t rocket science, it will definitely get a few laughs. So here is the Venue Prank!


This prank is very simple. All you have to do is tell everyone to meet at a certain pub, hotel or whatever. Include all the info including a certain time on the day of the Stag, etc.

But you need to tell the Groom you’re meeting at a different location. He’ll be sitting on his own waiting for the lads to arrive, but they never will.


Also while the groom is making his way to the venue, you can send him snaps on WhatsApp of all the lads, drinks in hand, telling him to hurry up. You have to sell this one!

Frantic phone calls and texts moments later? Yes of course. Lots of laughs? Absolutely.

Just make sure it is somewhere close enough that he can be back with you in 20 minutes. Obviously.



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