The Best Kerryman Jokes For A Kerry Stag Party

The Best Kerryman Jokes For A Kerry Stag Party

The Best Kerryman Jokes For A Kerry Stag Party

Let’s be honest lads, we’ve all grown up with ‘Kerryman’ jokes. It was probably one of the first jokes your Dad told you. For any Kerry natives reading this I apologize in advance but do what ye always do. Use these jokes to mock another county. Coming up are The Best Kerryman Jokes For A Kerry Stag Party!

If you’ve decided to have your stag party in the beautiful Co.Kerry, you’re in for a treat. Not only is the scenery and nightlife phenomenal, but so to are the stag party activities available for you do. The locals you’ll meet along the way are all great craic so when you tell em these jokes, they’ll probably join in and add there own ones. We Irish have a fantastic way of mocking ourselves.

So if you’re heading to the Kingdom for a stag, be fully prepared to tell the best Kerryman jokes for a Kerry stag party.


How do you make a Kerryman laugh on a Monday morning?

Tell him a joke on Friday evening!


Why don’t you get ice with your drinks in Kerry?

Because the man with the recipe emigrated!


How would you get a Kerryman to climb onto the roof of a pub?

Tell him the drinks are on the house!


Why do Kerryman have TGIF written on his shoes?

Toes Go In First


In a nightclub how can you tell if a guy dancing is from Kerry?

He’ll be the one looking at his feet saying “Dis cos here an Dis cos there!”


Did you here about the Kerryman who threw his pint on the ground?

He missed!


A Kerryman rang aer lingus to ask how long the flight from Dublin to London was?

“Just a minute sir” the lady replied.

“Thank you”, said the Kerryman and hung up.


Two Kerrymen were passing by a nudist resort, so they decided to peep in over the wall and see what was going on inside. So one got on the others shoulders for a look.

“Is it both men and women there?” asked the lower Kerryman.
“I can’t tell”, said the upper Kerryman, “they’ve got no clothes on”.


What is the thinnest book of knowledge?

The Kerry book of knowledge.



And finally, Our favourite Kerryman inventions:

  • Inflatable Dartboard
  • Wheelchair with pedals
  • Waterproof tea bags
  • Condoms with air holes
  • Submarine with a sunroof
  • Underwater hair dryer


This is all just a bit of messing. On a Kerry stag party you will find people that are well up for the craic, will enjoy a session on your last night of freedom and be prepared for the piss to be ripped right back out of you, if you decide to tell these jokes.


If you’re interested in booking a Kerry stag party, call us or contact us today for information and to book a stag party weekend to remember.



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