The Best Way To Calm The Groom

The Best Way To Calm The Groom

The Best Way To Calm The Groom

A wedding like a stag party takes some plannnig. The major difference is that when the stag party weekend finally arrives the grooms nerves or apprehensions are more focused on the well being of his mind and body. His body will take a hell of alot of abuse over the next few days, that will see his liver tested and in some cases injured or lose an eyebrow. His mind may see things that once seen can never been unseen. Coming up is The Best Way To Calm The Groom.


The wedding day brings a whole different bags of nerves. All the planning, all the preparation for one day over the last couple of months or even years has arrived. Most men will say they don’t have any nerves in the lead up to it but as the time draws near the beads of sweat get larger and panic might set in.

So if you’re the best man or groomsman here is the best way to calm the groom if he starts displaying any of these signs.

Second Thoughts

This is the most common sign that the groom is slipping into panic mode. He’ll be thinking has he made the right decision. The rest of my life is a long time. I’m only going to be with this person forever. This is where you, as best man, step in.

Explain to him that he has made the right decision or you wouldn’t have made it this far. Also explain he wasn’t exactly a hit with the ladies and bedding several different women a week. So get over yourself. Reiterate that this one person is the only one that puts up with your drunken antics.

Be blunt, as men are, with the groom and he’ll shake off any second thoughts.

What If She Doesn’t Show Up?

If the groom comes out with this give him a light slap across the head (Wedding Photos…you don’t want them ruined and experience the wrath of the bridezilla) and tell him to cop on. The bride will be late. The bride is always late and with all the planning she’s put in, she ain’t missing this day. It’s your job and my job to make sure you’re standing in the right spot when she eventually walks in. Simple!

I Hope It All Goes To Plan

This is always a genuine concern for couples. But as long as you are actually married come the end of the wedding day then it’s deemed a success in my book.

This needless worry about will the weather be nice or not, if the food is OK, that the cake is glorious and the speeches are great is energy that can be spent elsewhere. Explain to him that once everyone has a few drinks they’ll be grand and it’s going to be one hell of a celebration regardless of what happens.

Regale Him Of Stories From The Stag Party

This, in my opinion, always calms the groom. Nothing like a good old laugh at the misery and the state of yourself or others on the stag party weekend to cheer someone right up. Talk about you stag party night antics, who did what, who got stuck in the bidet in the hotel, or ended up losing the contents of their stomach all over the bouncer…and still managed to get in. It was his stag and all.

Just a little side note, if you’re getting married in a church best to maybe step outside for those stories. You may burst into flames otherwise.

Dutch Courage

Sometimes a calming drink can do wonders for a groom. So best man pick up a hip flask and fill it with some whiskey and explain to him that you got him covered.

He Only Has To Remember Two Words

If he’s all worked up, grab him and say all you have to remember today is two words. Two words that’s all. Those two words are “I DO”. Explain that when he is asked anything just respond with ‘I DO’. Would you like to go the church? ‘I DO’. Do you take this woman…’I DO’. Do you want a beer, take a photo, have the speeches, have the first dance …’I DO’, ‘I DO’, ‘I DO’, ‘I DO’.

Don’t complicated the day. Tell him these two words is all you need to remember and before you know it he’ll be off on his honeymoon and your job as a best man will have been a success.


So there you have it The Best Way To Calm The Groom. are always here to help!



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