The Circle Of Cards Drinking Game

The Circle Of Cards Drinking Game

The Circle Of Cards Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a quick and simple stag party drinking game to get everyone up for a great stag party night. You can go wrong with The Circle Of Cards Drinking Game. All you’ll need for this game lads is a deck of cards, a few cans and a your best mates.

Start by rounding up the lads and sit in a circle. Shuffle the decks of cards and place them in the middle of the group. Pick someone to go first. Usually that will be the best man or groom.

So, the rules are very simple;

  1. If someone picks up a Black card numbered 1-8 he must drink his can or bottle for the equivalent number of seconds on the card. So 5 of clubs = 5 seconds of drinking
  2. If you pick up a Red card numbered 1-8, that person can give the card they pick up to anyone in the group and they must drink for the equivalent number of seconds.
  3. If you pick up the number 10, for any suit, that person must pic a topic. For example ‘Shampoo’, the next man must think of a word that is associated with that word. He has 5 seconds to come up with a word. If he fails he must take a shot.
  4. Should someone pick up a Jack, everyone must down their drinks.
  5. If you pick up a Queen, of any suit, you have to go on a ‘Camping Trip’. So you would go ‘I’m going on a camping trip and brought a…tent’. The next person must repeat that and add an item to the list. The list will get longer as it goes around the circle. As soon as someone forgets one of the items they must down their drink.
  6. If you pick up a King, of any suit, that person must start a ‘Waterfall’.
  7. And, If you pick up an Ace, you must make a rule. If anyone should break it, they must down their drink.

This is a fantastic stag party drinking game, that will get all the lads laughing, joking and slagging each other. It will be sure to get everyone in that party mood before heading out on the stag party night. So will you be playing The Circle Of Cards Drinking Game?



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