The Dirty Pint

The Dirty Pint

The Dirty Pint

As stag party drinking games go lads. This one is so simple and straight forward to play. So, regardless if you decide to play this drinking game to kick off your night or at 4am you won’t need to use your brain that much. All you will need to play the Dirty Pint drinking game is a pint glass, a coin and bunch of lads with drinks or cans in hand.

So, it’s pretty simple to play this drinking game lads. Each guy in the stag party group pours a bit of their own drink into the empty pint glass. Now if you are all drinking the same beer you’re ok but the reality is that you’ll all be drinking different drinks and will make the concoction in the glass pretty disgusting. A Dirty Pint you might call it.

Starting with the stag each player flips the coin and calls heads or tails. If the player calls it correctly it moves onto the next player. If he’s wrong he’s downing the dirty pint and it’s refilled for the next round.

It’s that simple really lads. The brilliance of this drinking game though is the reactions of the lads that end up drinking something that is a mix of stout, beer, whiskey and some other god awful alcohol.

So will you be playing this drinking game?


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