The New Year Fear – The Cure and The Stag

The New Year Fear – The Cure and The Stag

The New Year Fear – The Cure and The Stag

We’re all back in work after the Christmas Holidays and New Years Celebrations. And altogether please let us all scream internally! Don’t want to scare anyone in the office. I won’t lie, I drank way to much and ate to much. But I loved every minute of it! However, I’m now faced with the New Year Fear and pay day seems so far off. I’m going to go to describe my ‘Fear’, how to the cure it and how to get the most out of January 2019! So, here’s The New Year Fear – The Cure and The Stag!

The New Year Fear is made up of a few characteristics. Let’s explore them shall we.

The Crushing Depression of Not Being Able to have Midday Midweek Pints with the Lads!

One of the best things about the Christmas and New Year period is catching up with friends and family. If you’re like myself you’re bound to have close friends dotted around the country. Having them all back in close vicinity and everyone being off means that everyone can meet up, enjoy the laugh over a few pints while taking in all the sport on TV.

You’re now sitting back in work. Back into your 9-5 or whatever work routine and realizing that you can’t just pop out for a pint with the lads and the only cares in the world you have is who’s round is it and will MVG nail that checkout.

The Shakes

A common sign that you a have the fear is the shakes. You’re body is trying to get rid of any trace of alcohol out of your system. You can barely bring a cup of coffee to your mouth for fear of spilling scalding hot coffee all over yourself because of the shakes. Typing on the keyboard is near impossible and now the sweats have decided to show up along with its good mate the headache.

You check the clock on your phone and you realize you’ve only been back to work for 15 minutes. It’s going to be a long day.

Pay Day is a Long Way Off!

The New Year Fear is heightened in my opinion with the fact pay day is a long way off. If you’re one of those people who get paid weekly or bi monthly then it’s not so bad. But for those who are paid on a monthly basis it’s the start of a long month.

Who are we kidding, getting paid twice in December before Christmas had you lording it up over the holiday period. Come early January you’re googling unique recipes for baked beans and toast as that will be your staple diet until you get paid at month’s end.

The Cure for the New Year Fear?

Let’s start with the physical stuff first. To get over the fear you’ll need to drink plenty if water to flush out the system. Lob a couple of panadol to keep that headache at bay and maybe invest in a decent can of deodorant if the sweats are bad. No need to be stinking up where you work or abusing anyone’s nostrils.

When you’ve finally got yourself back into some sort of decent physical condition. It’s time to move onto the mental side of stuff. Yes, it can be a long month but it’s all about having something to look forward to is what will get you through.

So, organise a night out with the lads for pay day straight off the bat. Secondly, the chances are a mate got engaged over the Christmas break. So start planning an epic Stag Party weekend!

The Stag

Start chatting to the lads about which Stag Party location you’ll choose to ensure that your mate gets a proper send off and comes back a shell of man. Then decide what Stag Party activity ye should do. A bit of Clay Pigeon shooting perhaps? Stick with a classic like Paintball or start as you mean to go on with a Whiskey or Brewery Tour.

There is simply nothing better for getting over the ‘Fear’ than by planning and booking a mental weekend away with the lads! And the best bit about it all lads. It’s only cost €50 to book it! The rest can be paid later.



So, what are you waiting for lads. Drop us a line on to get planning. This is what The New Year Fear – The Cure and The Stag is all about.



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