The role of the Best Man

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The role of the Best Man

 So you’ve been asked to be the Best Man for your mate’s/family member’s Wedding. However, you’re not sure exactly what that entails. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! The Best Man traditionally has a lot more responsibilities than the standard Groom’s Man and while some of those roles are more important than others, remembering to fulfil all of them will ensure the Best Man lives up to the name and the honour. You might think that the Best Man role is a one day thing. Surprisingly, the job starts from the second you’re asked to be the Best Man!


  • Plan the Stag Party

 This is the most commonly known role of being a Best Man and it’s the part that every Best Man dreams of! It’s the Groom’s final big night out with the lads and it’s your chance to make it a good one! Some top tips though: respect everyone’s budget and don’t plan anything that will put people under financial pressure. Set up a WhatsApp group so that everyone invited can be part of the loop and remember to plan the stag party to take place well in advance of the wedding day!

  • Prepare a Best Man’s Speech

 The Best Man’s speech can leave even the most confident of guys feeling nervous because it’s your mate’s big day and of course you want to deliver a great speech. Remember to compliment everyone on their appearance, thank everyone for coming, and deliver a few appropriate jokes every now and then (remember that a lot of the people in attendance will be family of the Bride and Groom so be careful not to cross boundaries). Practice the speech a lot before the big day!

  • Keep the rings safe on the Wedding Day

 Another of the Best Man’s key duties is to be the ring bearer until the time comes for them to go on the appropriate fingers. Guard them with your life!…We joke, it’s not really as dramatic as it sounds but you get the idea. It’s your job to make sure the rings get from A to B.

     • The Extras

 These are some of the most important duties of the Best Man but it doesn’t end there. Part of the job is to also do the following:

  • Dance with the Maid of Honour after the First Dance.
  • Make sure the Groom arrives at least 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins.
  • Look after the Groom.
  • Keep the cards and gifts safe.
  • Help get everyone organised for the photography.
  • Help with decorating the venue.
  • Try to stay sober and coherent.
  • Make sure everyone is having a good time.



 All in all, it might sound like a lot of work but being asked to be the Best Man is both an honour and a privilege. It’s not as difficult as you might think and it’s actually a pretty enjoyable experience throughout. This might be the only time you’ll ever be asked to be a Best Man so enjoy it while it lasts and we have no doubt you’ll do an amazing job! Remember, the Groom chose you because he thinks you’re the right guy for the job. Now that you know exactly what that job entails, you can do it to the best of your ability!



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