Top five tips for the Best Man speech

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Top five tips for the Best Man speech

Our Top five tips for the Best Man speech are killer. Being invited to be Best Man at a wedding is, as the Americans would say, pretty awesome man! Now, it could be that the groom is your brother or maybe an awkward old college friend who has appealed to your sense of duty to take on and perform the task. If he is like we describe, then the chances are that it’s a very small wedding and that the bride has a “man selection deficiency” and that the whole gig will be over quite fast. If that’s the case, keep it short. Welcome her into the family and do not thank her for taking him out of your mother’s hands. Say something nice about him. If you can’t think of a single thing, mention his suit and that he lent you his bicycle one day when you were kids.

Make reference to how beautiful the bribe looks… even if you are lying through your teeth! Keep it short! Two or three lines at most.

1. Research, research and research

The job of the best man is to chaperone the groom all day. To make sure that he and the new bride have a day to remember and that he does not have to get involved in the nuts and bolts. Of course one of the main things will be your speech. This can make grown men wet the bed with worry, so let’s get a few tips in order. The first one is research. Yeah, we know he is your brother or best friend and that you know him like the back of your hand. That counts for nothing.

You’d be surprised how little you know when push comes to shove. You might know all his annoying habits and the clothes he likes to wear. His favourite tipple, where he prefers to go for his “bangers and mash” and what team he supports, but nobody cares. They want you to talk about “superman” so get studying the form and write it down. Talk to his other friends and work colleagues and those involve in his social life. Get the interesting bits and put them together.

2. Content

The content of the speech is very important. While everyone will have their ears cocked to see if you come up with some juicy bits or some who will be hoping you drop a clanger. There will be others that don’t give a fiddle and will play a game on the amount of times you will use the word “thanks”. Remember you will not satisfy them all so

don’t bother trying. Do not mention the times that the groom was plastered and you had to put him in the wheelbarrow to get him from the car to the house. Leave his personal failings at home behind the couch. There will be funny instances in his life that he may have forgotten about. Yeah, use them if they are suitable material.

3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Unless you make speeches for a living, then you must rehearse. Write down the headers and memorise them. Keep the notes for reference. Keep the speech to 12 minutes. Studies have shown that you begin to lose your audience after that. Speak slowly and clearly.

4. Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t forget to mention the bride and her mother, and propose a toast. You may also have to read the congratulation cards from those unable to attend.

Do stay sober, well until the meal and speeches are over. Remember to stay on point. Make a list of your duties before the wedding and stick to the plan.

Don’t start talking through your arse because you like the sound of your own voice.

There are many more but these are our top five tips for a best man speech. Enjoy!



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