How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game

How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game

How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game

I was recently on a stag party weekend that saw me take full advantage of the residents bar. In the hotel lobby there was a variety of board games. A friend and I in an effort to continue drinking long into the night and not pass out asleep decided we’d play monopoly to help stay awake. Here’s How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game!


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This game of Monopoly soon turned into a drinking game. This is how to turn Monopoly into a drinking game lads.

The game plays as normal with just a few rules added on:

  • Drink if you land on someones property but down it if they own the entire set.
  • Drink a shot if you land on a hotel
  • Nominate someone to drink for 5 seconds should they past ‘GO’
  • Land on Chance, the barman chooses a shot/drink for you
  • Land on Community Chest, you get to choose the shot!
  • Roll a double, down your pint.
  • If you land yourself in Jail. Bail is to down 2 pints to be released.
  • If the bank owes you money, you can choose to have someone down their drink.

I won’t lie after a heavy night on the lash, this game was tougher than it looks. I’ve also never been good at monopoly even when I’m sober. This would also make a great drinking game to get the second wind on day 2 of the stag!

As with any stag party weekend adding a few little extras to any game, football match or stag party activity will make for a great stag party drinking game.


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