Galway Stag Party: Yes or No?

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Galway Stag Party: Yes or No?

 The City of Galway…the one place in Ireland where you’ll find the perfect blend of traditional and modern Irish culture. A beautiful city with a lot of atmosphere, it’s a very popular Irish Stag Party destination. But don’t let that fact alone be the deciding factor in whether or not you want to bring your Stag Party to Galway because we’re about to tell you why it is a top destination…Let’s go!


  • It’s great for the craic!

 Think of Dublin mixed with Carrick on Shannon. On one side you’ve got a busy city full of great places for food and drink while listening to some Top 100 Charts music, and on the other side you’ve got a small, traditional Irish town full of Irish heritage, life and traditional music. Both places are great in their own ways, but Galway combines both in a way that works really well! If you want to start the night with some lively traditional music and then move onto some popular club music, all while having a few drinks and a laugh then Galway is the place to go.

  • It’s full of activities!

 Galway offers a massive range of activities suitable for any Stag Party and each one is sure to hit the right spots for you and the lads. Some of the activities it hosts include:

 Whether you’re the adventurous type or you want a nice and relaxing break, Galway has something for you and these are just a fraction of the activities that Galway has to offer. They can all be availed of all year round so why not book one (or more) now?

  • It’s small but compact!

 The city itself is small enough with everything within a short walking distance. But it’s not all about the size! If it’s the start of the night and you’re looking for food and drinks, or maybe it’s the end of the night and you’ve had your fill and you just need your bed, it’s all only a couple of minutes walk away in Galway. Nobody likes a long walk back to the hotel after a night out, right?


 To finish off, Galway is definitely a top contender when it comes to choosing a Stag Party location and it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Providing plenty of fun with a massive array of activities available and with a nice mix of both modern and traditional bars and pubs, not to mention some amazing food spots all packed into a relatively small area, Galway is simply amazing! While it may be small in size, it knows how to make the most of its size and packs a lot of punch into what it delivers. You’ll be sure to have a fantastic Stag Party if you choose Galway.



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