Rules of the Irish Pub

Rules of the Irish Pub

Rules of the Irish Pub

Regardless if you’re about to head on a Stag Party weekend, pop down to the local or just head out on another Saturday night to town with the lads. Here are the Rules of the Irish Pub you should all know!

The Splitting Open a Bag of Crisps for Sharing

If you pick up a bag of crisps at the bar. The golden rule in an Irish Pub is to split the bag wide open and share them with everyone at the table. This is to be done regardless if the person in question is starving or not. Tayto Cheese & Onion are always a crowd pleaser for your information.

The Rounds Rule

Should someone get a round in while in the pub and/or gets you a pint. It’s absolutely essential you get a round back. Also, for some bizzare reason you have to leave early you can jump the queue in the rounds, so you can buy your round to get out essentially. This a gentleman’s courtesy.

Urinal Etiquette

Very simple lads there should be one urinal between you and the other person where possible. If it’s a busy bar then you just take the first available. But if there is only 2 of ye in there. Make sure you keep your distance. No one wants to be in the splash zone. Eyes forward at all times also.

Also talking is kept minimal. Even if this is one of your best mates. This rule tends to diminish as the night wears on, the increase in volume of alcohol and when the seal is well and truly broken.

Respect the Bar Staff

The bar staff should be respected for they hold the key to pouring you another pint or whiskey. You should never whip out a note and start tapping the bar or waving it in the air. (Which I’ve seen been done). Instead you may beckon the bar man with the head tilt, raising of the eyebrows or the raising of fingers to indicate the number of drinks followed by mouthing the name of drink!

Conversation length vs Number of Pints

We love to talk in this country. And there is nothing better when the conversation flows over pints. However the story length is linked to the number of pints or time spent in the pub. Longer you spend in a pub, the longer anyone’s drunk story becomes.


You should always ask before taking a stool from a table in a pub. Those who don’t have awful pub manners. If they don’t do the slightly awkward ‘is it ok to take the stool?’ moment then the shouldn’t be allowed to have it.

Also on a side note with seating in a pub. You should never sit in front of someone’s view of the TV for the match.

That Guy

Simply put don’t be that Guy in the pub. You know who he is. Falling all over the place, bumping into people on his way to the jacks and shouting random stuff at the TV.


If you’ve been on an all day session. At some point someone will mention shots. This is very true on a stag party weekend! There are a few guidelines in my opinion for shots in a pub.

  1. If you’re about to order your 3rd shot you should be heading to a club or the late bar section.
  2. Jager Bombs have a ratio of 3 Jagermeister to one red bull.

Old Man Should Not Be Bothered

Of all the Rules of the Irish Pub, this is in my opinion is the rule that should never be broken.

Every pub has one. They are held in high regard in their local watering hole and have probably been drinking there longe before you were even born. They have there own seat, which should be vacated if they show up. Also, they can be rude to everyone and get served before you. And never interrupt an Old Irish Man telling a story.

So, there you have it lads. The simple Rules of the Irish Pub you should keep in mind on your next night out or Stag Party weekend!

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