Easter Beer Hunt

Easter Beer Hunt

Easter Beer Hunt

Easter is a wonderful time of the year. The weather is a bit milder. The Beer Gardens are coming into bloom and there’s a hell of a lot of sport on the TV too. Add all this to a 4 day weekend and your body weight in chocolate and it makes for some good times. Seeing as there is, for the moment, a ban on buying alcohol on Good Friday. The likelihood is that you’ll stock up on Thursday with a few cases of beer. You know, to make it through until Saturday. So, if you plan on drinking with friends this Good Friday why not enjoy an Easter Beer Hunt!

If you’ve booked your stag party weekend for this long weekend then the Easter Beer Hunt is perfect to kick off your weekend. This hunt will take a little planning from the Best Man but it’s all a bit of craic. The Best Man hides bottles of beer around a certain area. We’ll say 4-6 bottles per man. We’ll go with six sure if it’s for a Stag Party.

The rules to the Easter Beer Hunt are simple. Each guy has to hunt and find the bottles of beer. You cannot take any more than 6 and you can’t stop looking until all the beers are found. Don’t want to waste any.

The best man should also throw in some ‘Rotten Eggs’ into the mix of beers. Things like non-alcoholic beers. The Best Man has to also include in a special ‘Golden Egg’ beer. Should anyone find this beer they get an extra special prize at the end. It’s a stag weekend so I’m thinking some god awful shot. Have you tried the Inferno Shot?

As I mentioned earlier, once you’ve found you’re 6 bottles of beer you have to stop searching. And let the rest of the lads continue. You come back to the start point with your beers. The first person back wins a prize of course. The person who found the ‘Golden Egg’ beer receives his special prize too.

Then once everyone is back, beers in hand it’s time for an almighty boat race! Now should you have a few ‘Rotten Eggs’ beers in the mix that will make it tougher. The person that wins the Beer Hunt boat race gets a free pint off each of the lads over the course of the Easter weekend.

It’s at the Best Man’s discretion to add bonus points for stag party costumes or creativity in finding the beers. You can also go all out lads and hide them throughout an entire town. Maybe on a Kilkenny stag party or Galway stag party? So, will you be going on an Easter Beer Hunt?

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