Pick A Player

Pick A Player

Pick A Player

Men love sport and men love beer and men love drinking games. The Pick A Player drinking game combines all 3 into a session that only the bravest should try.

The rules are simple in this game. Firstly set yourself up nicely in a pub in front of the telly. Sure there is not a hope you’re missing the big game of the weekend. Get the pints in and maybe have the second on standby. You all then pick a player that is playing to be your man.

Should the players name be mentioned in anyway you take a drink from your pint. We’ll say 2 fingers is a good measurement. If the player gets a yellow card you must down your entire pint. If you’re running low at this point buy a fresh one lads.

And should the player you’ve picked ending getting a red card. Then it’s straight up to the bar for a shot of the groups choosing.

You can also added in bonus elements, like everyone drinks when they hear the commentator come out with a sporting pun or cliché.

This drinking game adds an extra edge to any game and come the final whistle you’ll be in high spirits and ready for the night ahead. Word of warning for those who are on the lighter end of the drinking scale. Go for an obscure player as the chances are he won’t get mentioned as much.

However, if you’re feeling brave pick the main man in the team and let the games begin. So what are you waiting for?



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