The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt

The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt

The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt

A stag party weekend is all about packing in as much fun, craic, activities, partying and drinking that is humanly possible. The first night out would usually be a beer fueled night of madness. You’ll wake up the following day with a hangover and eager to take on the stag party activity. But what do you do with the time in between the activity and the 2nd night out. Drink obviously but you wanna take it up a notch. So our advise lads? Give The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt a go!

You’ll need a phone to document the evidence as the scavenger hunt has varying points for the things you pick up. And of course the person who finishes the list first or gets the most points wins. You get to decide what the victor should get. Shots is our suggestion!

So this is The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt list. Feel free to add or make changes where you see fit. You know the Stag better than we do!

5 Points

  • Get a Free drink off a barmaid.
  • Shake hands with a random person on the streets for 20 seconds. Video evidence essential here.
  • Use a god awful chat up line on a girl. The cringier the better!
  • Should you see a member of the public posing for a selfie. Copy their face or pout! How good is your duck face?
  • If you come across a Hen Party in fancy dress, grab a picture with them.

10 Points

  • When you hit the dance floor you have to Slut drop 3 times. Hopefully your knees down give way from that football injury!
  • Try and get a picture with a girl who has the same name as the bride.
  • Get a stranger to serenade you.
  • Ask a stranger for their 3 best sex tips! (The groom doesn’t get to choose who he talks to).

15 Points

  • Kiss a stranger on both cheeks!
  • Dance for the price of a pint on a busy street.
  • Get a condom off a girl.
  • Get a photo of the stag downing a can in the main square!
  • Photobomb 5 strangers photos.

20 Points

  • Get a picture with a sports star.
  • Complete a Stag Vs Food challenge!
  • Ask a Garda for their phone number. We are not responsible for what may happen afterwards.
  • Salsa Ricky Martin style with a random woman.
  • Get a lend of a bra off a woman for a picture.

So there you have it lads! The Stag Party Scavenger Hunt is always brilliant fun, can be played anywhere and is sure to get a few strange looks. The main thing it does though is make for an unforgettable stag party weekend. Enjoy!



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