Top 5 Stag Party Activities in Waterford

Top 5 Stag Party Activities in Waterford

Top 5 Stag Party Activities in Waterford

Ah Vadre Fjord, Cuan-na-Grian, Port Lairge, or whatever you want to call Waterford. It’s a city full of history, culture and home to a great night out for stag parties. As Ireland’s oldest city it’s been hosting people since the 18th century. So to be fair they have plenty of experience in throwing a party.

Waterford has done some great things! It’s the home of the modern form of curing bacon. We have to thanks the lads for that and making are fry ups even tastier. The Tri-colour was created by a Waterford man. Also, for all those sports nuts out there, the first GAA competition was held in Tramore, Co.Waterford.

Waterford has taken on a whole new lease of life these days. It’s fast becoming one of the best stag party destinations in the country with a distinctive nightlife of it’s own, a host of terrific activities and what some will argue as the best cure in the world for weary heads, ‘The Blaa”. The Blaa has soakage properties like no other and is sure to be a staple for all those on a stag party in Waterford.

The soakage you’ll get from the Blaa will stand to you when you take on any of the top 5 stag party activities in Waterford.


Waterford is located along the Wild Atlantic Way. That means that it’s the perfect place to catch some big surf and thunderous waves. If you enjoy the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins then this stag party activity is for you. Spend the day learning the techniques needed for catching the perfect waves. Master the pop up, turning and cutting back and not forgetting to fall as gracefully as possible too. The lads will be watching. This is a great stag party activity that will have all the lads talking about it long into the night. It’s also great for flushing out the cobwebs.


As always Paintball makes the list of top stag party activities. That’s simply because it does not get old shooting your friends. I mean if you were told that this Saturday you get to shot a paintball at one of the lads, you’d be pretty happy and counting down the minutes until it happened.

Bubble Football

If you and your mates are footy mad, and fancy a game of 5 aside with a difference then you should do Bubble football. Lob on a Zorb ball, throw in a ball with 2 goals and well there isn’t any more rules other than those. The one thought that will cross your mind is ‘make every blow a funeral blow’ because you know you can’t actually hurt anyone. Bubble football also takes your ridiculously skillful friend down a peg. He won’t be nutmeging you 20 times in this game.

A Night At The Dogs

I enjoy a little bet as much as the next man. I also enjoy not having Ray Winstone shouting live in-play odds at me during a game. That’s one of the many reasons I love a night at the dogs and the course in Waterford is fantastic. Enjoy a few beers, a spot of food if your peckish, thrilling races and a bit of live music before heading onto the club to party into the early hours.

Segway Polo

If you think you have good dexterity, balance and hand eye coordination well think again. This stag party activity tests all of them! And trust me when I say you fail in the beginning and it will feel like you have regressed to caveman times. Once you do get the swing of things you’ll be zipping around trying to score as many goals as possible to beat the opposing team. You might want to avoid using the polo sticks in a game of Segway jousting, though. It’s very frowned upon. But, as you’ve probably used in matches down through the years, the ‘Sure ref, I was committed to the tackle’ excuse might see you get off. Segway Polo is a great stag party activity that will have a smile on your face the whole day.


If those don’t take your fancy we can always organise a knees up watching some sport or even just a game of regular 5-aside. All you have to do is decide on what stag party activity your group wants to do.

Also for the full list of activities we have to offer. Check out our activities page.



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