Stag Party Forfeits

Stag Party Forfeits

Stag Party Forfeits

We are all in agreement lads that stag party games are a brilliant craic on any stag. Like any game though there are rules and laws to keep some sort of order to the wildness that comes with a stag party. The groom is usually the centre of all stag party games. Should he fail or refuse to take part in certain games. It’s only right that the groom should have to do a forfeit. So here are some of our favourite Stag Party Forfeits for your consideration.

Busking For A Pint

A classic stag party forfeit is to take the grooms cash and wallet and make him busk for the price of a pint. Most of us do not have the skill to hold even one note let alone sing a song worthy of someone handing over a few cents for our efforts.

The groom can’t come into the pub until he’s raised enough money to pay for a pint. He could be out there a while lads. So if you can, find a pub with a beer garden. This way you can sit down, relax with a beer and watch the groom struggle to earn a pint.

Time To Make Up

Should the groom or someone else on the stag party throw a bit of a strop. They too will have to perform a stag do forfeit. For acting like a diva on the stag, the person in question must sit patiently on a stool in a pub while the rest of the group round up a few women. The women will then be tasked with applying a generous amount of make up to the diva on the stag. The person in question must wear it for the entire night or risk having to perform an even worse stag party forfeit.

Duct Tape

There is always a ‘feckin ejjit’ in most group of friends. If you don’t know who it is. It’s probably you so beware. For every stupid thing you do or say on the stag a strip of duct tape will be applied to an area on your body that is considerably hairy. The duct tape must be left on until the morning at which point can removed. It’s your choice if you want to rip it off quickly and have a DIY waxing job or slow and steady to preserve your body hair. Or if you fancy it, just duct tape him to something!

The Big Girl

Should the groom or anyone else in the stag party group chicken out of a stag party drinking game, activity or just lose a stag party dare. This is the forfeit for them. Their punishment is to wear a pair of women’s underwear for the duration of the stag night. He might look quiet fetching in them but he’s guaranteed to have a very awkward night walking around in them. Will he look as bad as this?

Chilli Eating

A forfeit that can be set out early in the day. The person who comes lasts or fails miserably in the stag party activity must eat a raw and very hot chilli. Make sure it’s something ridiculously high on the scovil scale.

Hi Viz Head!

If you’ve decided on Paintball as your stag activity, firstly great choice. Secondly it offers up the the perfect opportunity for a stag party forfeit. The unlucky person, usually the groom, will have his hair sprayed a distinctive colour prior to the paintball games beginning. This way no matter how well camoflaged he thinks he is, everyone will be able to see his head popping up. It’s then your duty to pepper him with paintballs.

Sing To A Beautiful Girl

Boys will be boys on the stag. Should you come across an attractive woman on your pub crawl and you are caught staring or mentioning it to another person in that stag group. You have to serenade her with a love song of your choice. Always a bit of craic and one to record for future slagging in the whatsapp group.

Sock Pint

A great forfeit for a stag party drinking game is the ‘Sock Pint’. Should the groom refuse to down a nasty shot he must remove one of his socks. Stretch the sock over his pint glass. Then down the pint through the sock. Now that’s a stag party forfeit. Just check these guys out!

So there you have it lads. Some stag party forfeits to consider while you’re on the stag party weekend. Which one would you hate to do?



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