The Stag Party Survival Kit

The Stag Party Survival Kit

The Stag Party Survival Kit

Let’s be honest lads we all know at least one guy that can simply not handle a big night out. He’s grand during the night but the next day you’d swear he was on death’s door. You even catch him trying to call his solicitor to update his will he’s that bad. If this rings a bell and you’d like to have this guy make it through the second night on the stag or just to get him home. Then put together the Stag Party Survival Kit!

The Kit can vary from guy to guy but this is essentially what you should pack!

Bottle of Water or Lucozade. Rehydrate him as he’s probably woken up with a mouth as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop.

Painkillers of some sort. God knows what you climbed up on and fell off on the stag night. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Plasters are always a handy item. Just to heal any cuts on knees and elbows from falling over drunk! In case he’s not man enough to deal with a little cut.

Something Minty. That can be chewing gum, mints, or even mouthwash but this is more for you then him. No one wants to smell the combination of kebab, pints and jager bombs with his Hangover breath.

Jellies are never a bad call either. He may not be able to stomach a fry up so lob in some jellies to give him some energy to plow on for a second day of drinking.

Sunglasses is a great item to lob into the kit. Daylight can be far too bright for a guy who feels like he has a head like a burst mattress.

Or you can just get him a can of his favourite beer. Sure just forget having the hangover and keep on drinking.


So there you have it lads. The Stag Party Survival Kit is sure to come in handy regardless if it’s a Galway stag party, a Kilkenny stag party or one of our other brilliant stag party packages. So what would you add to the kit?



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