The Fear The Stag Goes Through

The Fear The Stag Goes Through 1

The Fear The Stag Goes Through

In the run up to the stag party weekend the groom will experience a variety of emotions and feelings. Excitement, love, and thirst being those that come to mind. However, there is one emotion that will keep the groom awake at night, Fear. This is The Fear The Stag Goes Through before the stag weekend!

The Outfit

The stag himself will no doubt be well aware of the antics that happens on a stag party. Most of the time the lads will have both a revealing and embarrassing outfit sorted. This is to ensure that anyone that crosses your path knows it’s his last night of freedom. The fear that will run through his blood thinking of what the outfit will have him waking up at night in a cold sweat.

The Pranks Lined Up

The messing on a stag starts as soon as you all meet for that first pint. From that moment the stag will be on edge, fearful of a prank being pulled on him. Is someone going to jump out from behind something, drop something in his pint or do they have something bigger planned? Like any good stag party, there really should be a good prank set up. So, what stag party prank will you pull?

Embarrassing Stories and Photos

The fear of embarrassing stories been told on the stag comes down to the fact that maybe the soon to be brother and father-in-law could be in attendance. The father of the bride does not need to hear any of them. All the lads know your drunk antics, stories and controversies. They’ll know which ones are sure to make you sweat bullets. Fingers crossed the lads don’t bring them up or there might not be a wedding day!

The Fear Of The Sheer Amount of Drink

A genuine fear for anyone going on a stag weekend. Especially for the groom. The lads will be hell bent on filling him up to his gills with beer, shots, more beer and even more shots until they catipult him into a new level of drunkeness. His body is going to take a beating both internally from the alcohol and externally from falling all over the place.

The Fear Of The Hangover

There’s only a handful of people that don’t get hangovers. They’re the lucky ones. The rest of us however must suffer for our drunken antics. On a normal weekend that can be tough enough. But when it’s your stag party weekend you’re going to suffer even more. The fear of an almighty hangover that is probably going to knock you for the entire week after is a real fear. This fear will have you preparing your cure weeks in advance!

The Emotional Scarring

Finally, there is the real fear of emotional scarring for the stag. He’s about to go through one hell of a weekend that will see his best mates test his drinking stamina, how he functions with sleep deprivation and with constant slagging and pranking!


So, cut the stag some slack, the fear the stag goes through is real…who are we kidding. Make sure he has a proper send off and enjoy a stag party weekend you’ll never forget.

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