Best Man Speech


Preparing a Best Man Speech

So you have been asked to be the best man for your mate. There are two things on your mind, the stag party and the best man speech. Well we have given you everything you need to know about the stag party. So now to the best man speech.

The best man speech is the way for the best friend/brother of the groom to share a few stories of their childhood/antics and to of course send plenty compliments the bride’s way. The best man speech must include a few jokes about the groom, thanks to the guests and parents of the bride and groom and how lovely the bride looks. It is important to keep everything pretty PG for the speech. Especially no inside jokes, everyone should understand what you’re talking about.

Be sure to share some stories of your friendship and how you first were introduced to the bride. Keep these genuine and from the heart. The best man speech doesn’t have to be all jokes, include some sentimental stuff as well. Make sure to prepare the speech well in advance and practice, practice, practice! You can never be too familiar with the speech. There are loads of different types of best man speeches on YouTube to help you along the way.

Nobody comes to the wedding to hear the speeches so be sure to keep it short, yet long enough to tell a story or two, a few thank yous and some jokes. Around 5 minutes should cut it. It is important not to drink too much before your best man speech, the bride and groom will not appreciate a drunken speech. (Some dutch courage is definitely okay!)

So most importantly enjoy the speech and the day and once that’s over sit back and relax.


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