Best Stag Party Locations For A Winter Stag

Best Stag Party Locations For A Winter Stag

Best Stag Party Locations For A Winter Stag

Winter is only around the corner lads and with that comes shorter days and colder temperatures. Oh and the rain, so much rain. But don’t let these things dampen your spirits. This time of the year is a fantastic time for a stag party weekend. Sure it’s perfect weather for the pub, pints, hot whiskeys and there’s a load of sport on the TV too. So here are some of the Best Stag Party Locations For A Winter Stag gentlemen.


A personal favourite of mine lads. I got to experience 4 fantastic days in December in this great city. There is plenty of markets during the day serving savage food, drink and warm ciders. There is a real buzz and fantastic atmosphere in Edinburgh. It will suck you in. The pubs are even more inviting than usual too. The Edinburgh nightlife is simply fantastic and the Scots know how to party and a little cold weather isn’t going to get in their way of a good night. Add this to a brilliant list of stag party activities on offer in Edinburgh and it’s definitely a top location for a winter stag.


Galway was always going to make this list. It’s a fantastic location for a Stag Party anytime of the year but in Winter it’s just a little bit special. There are plenty of great stag party activities in Galway that are indoors if you want to avoid the elements. There is also plenty for those willing to enjoy mother nature in the winter.

A night out in Galway is always brilliant craic. The pub scene is one of the best in the country. It has a cluster of pubs in close proximity which is ideal for those stags looking for a pub crawl. You’ll literally have to walk next door for the next pub. You’ll be thankful of that if it’s a particular wild night in the West of Ireland.


I’ve spent plenty of time in this West Cork town and there is a reason it’s such a hit with Stag Party groups. It’s a town packed with tons of great stag party activities but it’s when the sun goes down that this town comes to life. Famed for it’s live music scene, you’re bound to find a gig, live band or trad session in most of the pubs each weekend. During the winter you’ll find a roaring fire, tasty pints and a good sing song to party the night away. Also, like Galway you’re only a short walk between pubs and the clubs should you fancy pulling a few shapes.


It’s probably not a city that many would expect to see on this list. But lads, it’s pub scene alone makes Limerick one hell of spot for a stag party weekend. Check out ‘A Limerick Pub Crawl‘ and you’ll get a taste of what lies ahead on a Limerick Stag Party weekend. Having a brilliant pub scene is a huge bonus as you’re probably going to spending quiet a bit of time propping up the bar on a winter stag party weekend.


Lastly on our list is the big smoke itself. There is so much to do in Dublin! There really is something for any type of Stag Party group regardless of the time of the year. Winter sees the Dublin nightlife come to life earlier in the day which is never a bad thing on a Stag weekend. So, after you have enjoyed a brilliant stag party activity you can hit the town early and make sure the Stag has a proper send off.



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