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At we know all of the best locations, activities and games for your Stag Party. We’re more than glad to share that knowledge with you all in the hopes that it helps your Stag Party make the best choices for your group. So today we’re here to tell you all about our best stag party ideas when it comes to locations. There are so many fantastic locations scattered all over Ireland and abroad, but for the sake of this piece we’re only focusing on Ireland. So let’s get straight into them lads. Here are our best Stag Party Location Ideas.



Located in Co. Kerry, Killarney is an incredible town that brings everything you need to have a great Stag Party. It’s a relatively medium sized town but that just adds to the convenience of Killarney. Everything is only a short walk away including the best restaurants, your hotel room, the nightclub and the pubs and bars. Killarney is a nice and convenient town that’s perfectly set up to give you a fantastic Stag Party. It’s also very popular among Hens as well as Stags so you might even bump into another group. Here’s a little more on what you can expect from Killarney.



Galway is a city that doesn’t really have the big city feel. It’s a city that feels more like a small town in how relaxed it is and how much of the traditional Irish culture still shines through the city atmosphere. It’s the only place in Ireland that’ll give you the perfect blend of traditional and modern Ireland. In one pub you could listen to trad music. Then, in the next one you could listen to popular chart music. As well as this, Galway also gives you everything you need for a fulfilling Stag Party. So you won’t be disappointed with a Galway Stag, lads! Here’s a bit more on what’s great about Galway!



The medieval town of Kilkenny is located roughly in the centre of the country. For this reason alone, Kilkenny is the one of the most ideal locations to choose for your Stag. If you’re travelling from Cork, Limerick, Waterford or Dublin it’s rarely more than a two hour journey. Kilkenny is an amazing town that practically throws fun things to do at you. One thing is for sure in Kilkenny…you’ll have plenty to see and do! It has everything you need for a fantastic Stag Party. Here’s more on this fantastic location!


Carrick on Shannon

The incredible riverside town of Carrick on Shannon is located in Co. Leitrim. This amazing town is seen as the Stag and Hen Party capital of Ireland and it’s easy to see why. It’s bopping every weekend with Hens and Stags looking to have a good time. As you might guess from the name, it’s situated on the banks of the River Shannon. The river brings a lot of scenery to this amazing town and if you’re up for it can also take advantage of the river and take a trip on a Booze Cruise. Want more information on what to expect in Carrick on Shannon? Click here!



So lads, these are some of the best Stag Party Location Ideas. If one of the above locations sounds right for your group then all you have to do is pop us an email on and we’ll help you get it booked.



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