Best Christmas Drinks

Best Christmas Drinks Tis the season to be jolly and merry. Others would also say border line tipsy as you catch up with family and friends who are back for the holiday season. It's also a fantastic time of the year for a Stag Party if it's difficult to get everyone together. Whatever the reason is for meeting up and enjoying a few drinks. Here are what we think are some of the best Christmas drinks to warm up for a big stag night! Mulled Wine We'll start with a classic. Mulled wine is a delicious spicy and boozy concoction that's served warm. Perfect on a cold winters evening. Here's a little recipe for you that should serve about 10 people. Ingredients 2 bottles of dry red wine Sugar Star Anise 3 whole cloves 3 cinnamon sticks One lemon peeled One orange, peeled and juiced Bit of grated nutmeg. Directions Bring all the ingredients to a boil except for the wine. That goes in later. Then turn down to simmer for 45 mins. Add in the wine then and simmer at a low heat for another 20-25 minutes. Then serve and drink! Hot Butter Rum If you like a hot rum then you'll love this Christmas drink. Ingredients A decent amount of rum Teaspoon of sugar Small nob of butter Directions Grab a mug and dissolve the sugar in some hot water Add in the rum and butter. Stir until it dissolves. Fill the rest of the mug with hot water to the desired level. Hot Whiskey Christmas can see a few of us tackle a little cold. Keep that bugger at bay an make sure you hit the town with a good old fashioned Hot Whiskey Ingredients Favourite Whiskey 2 teaspoons of brown sugar 1 or 2 slices of lemon 6-8 cloves Near boiling water Directions Add the whiskey, sugar and hot water to the glass and stir to allow the sugar to dissolve. Add the cloves to the lemon slices, then pop into the glass and allow sit for a minute Sit back and enjoy Hot Port A personal favourite of mine at winter time. A great drink to chill with on a Stag Party in winter and ideal to warm up with. It's very similar in making it to a Hot whiskey Ingredients Favourite Port Boiling Water Teaspoon of Sugar or Honey Cloves and Lemon Directions Pour in desired amount of port. Usually a double measure Add in the boiling water Followed by the sugar or honey. Whatever you prefer. Lastly a lemon wedge with cloves. Enjoy! Irish Coffee A best Christmas Drinks list wouldn't be complete with out an Irish Coffee. It's warm, will fill you with energy from the caffiene and also have that nice whiskey kick. Ingredients Hot Coffee of your choice Brown sugar Favourite Whiskey Whipped Cream Directions Fill a glass or cup 3/4 the way up with coffee Add in the brown sugar and stir until it dissolves. Pour in the whiskey. Always a good time. Then add a teaspoon or so of whipped cream on top. Sit back, relax and enjoy. An Irish coffee is always a brilliant drink to start the second day of the stag in my opinion. It will set you up for another big day. So, what do you think is the best Christmas drinks? And will you be having any of these on your stag this winter? Finally, if you're planning an upcoming stag party. Make sure to contact us today for more information! 

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The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game

The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game Lads, put a message in to the WhatsApp group, tell the team to get over to your gaff for the Late Late Toy Show! We have the ultimate The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game! It's that time of year again! Stop by the shops on the way home, stock up on your beverage of choice and play our Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game. Might be a great way to get the Stag Party crew back together or maybe you have an annual meet up with the lads over Christmas. This is the perfect night for it! Ready to go? "There's One For Everyone In The Audience" It's obvious really ... A shot for every time Tubs says that famous line! Rogue Child When a child goes rogue on the vehicle parade (tractor/scooter/car/bike etc) you must take a drink. Cheeky Monkey Anytime Ryan gives a child a cheeky answer take a drink. Stage Fright! When a child is paralysed with fear and freezes on camera drink until Tubs moves on to the next Kid. Feck! Every time Tubs accidentally swears take a drink! Cool Dude! A drink for every time Tubs tries to be cringy cool or makes a "funny" joke. Audience Participation When Tubs asks a random person a question. A drink per correct answer. Turkey Time Finish whatever is left of your drink if Dustin makes an appearance. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That... Take a drink every time a child ignores Ryan and the script and keeps talking and playing with the toy they are showing. 100% Irish Anytime Tubrudy mentions a toy is Irish made, you have to drink something Irish (Guinness, Jameson etc) or 2 drinks of something non-Irish. SHUT UP! When Tubs is forced to clatter a toy to shut it up take a shot.   Think you can handle these rules?   A few side games we recommend playing: 'Pass The Parcel'  Stop by the off-licence and pick up some miniature drink bottles. Wrap it up and pass it around consistently during the ad break. As soon as the opening credits start, the unlucky person holding the parcel has to empty the bottle! Make sure these are not your standard drinks, make them interesting! 'Giveaway Prediction' Pick a "prize" for the looser. For this game you need to listen out for that famous line... 'There's One For Everyone In The Audience!' Obviously pick a shot, mini bottle etc. Before the show starts, get your gang to predict how many giveaways to the audience happen. The person with the furthest answer to the truth is tonight's looser! Be ready at 9:35 pm to watch Ryan Tubridy in another cringy Christmas jumper for the Late Late Toy Show 2018! Enjoy lads!

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Rules of the Irish Pub

Rules of the Irish Pub Regardless if you're about to head on a Stag Party weekend, pop down to the local or just head out on another Saturday night to town with the lads. Here are the Rules of the Irish Pub you should all know! The Splitting Open a Bag of Crisps for Sharing If you pick up a bag of crisps at the bar. The golden rule in an Irish Pub is to split the bag wide open and share them with everyone at the table. This is to be done regardless if the person in question is starving or not. Tayto Cheese & Onion are always a crowd pleaser for your information. The Rounds Rule Should someone get a round in while in the pub and/or gets you a pint. It's absolutely essential you get a round back. Also, for some bizzare reason you have to leave early you can jump the queue in the rounds, so you can buy your round to get out essentially. This a gentleman's courtesy. Urinal Etiquette Very simple lads there should be one urinal between you and the other person where possible. If it's a busy bar then you just take the first available. But if there is only 2 of ye in there. Make sure you keep your distance. No one wants to be in the splash zone. Eyes forward at all times also. Also talking is kept minimal. Even if this is one of your best mates. This rule tends to diminish as the night wears on, the increase in volume of alcohol and when the seal is well and truly broken. Respect the Bar Staff The bar staff should be respected for they hold the key to pouring you another pint or whiskey. You should never whip out a note and start tapping the bar or waving it in the air. (Which I've seen been done). Instead you may beckon the bar man with the head tilt, raising of the eyebrows or the raising of fingers to indicate the number of drinks followed by mouthing the name of drink! Conversation length vs Number of Pints We love to talk in this country. And there is nothing better when the conversation flows over pints. However the story length is linked to the number of pints or time spent in the pub. Longer you spend in a pub, the longer anyone's drunk story becomes. Seating You should always ask before taking a stool from a table in a pub. Those who don't have awful pub manners. If they don't do the slightly awkward 'is it ok to take the stool?' moment then the shouldn't be allowed to have it. Also on a side note with seating in a pub. You should never sit in front of someone's view of the TV for the match. That Guy Simply put don't be that Guy in the pub. You know who he is. Falling all over the place, bumping into people on his way to the jacks and shouting random stuff at the TV. Shots If you've been on an all day session. At some point someone will mention shots. This is very true on a stag party weekend! There are a few guidelines in my opinion for shots in a pub. If you're about to order your 3rd shot you should be heading to a club or the late bar section. Jager Bombs have a ratio of 3 Jagermeister to one red bull. Old Man Should Not Be Bothered Of all the Rules of the Irish Pub, this is in my opinion is the rule that should never be broken. Every pub has one. They are held in high regard in their local watering hole and have probably been drinking there longe before you were even born. They have there own seat, which should be vacated if they show up. Also, they can be rude to everyone and get served before you. And never interrupt an Old Irish Man telling a story. So, there you have it lads. The simple Rules of the Irish Pub you should keep in mind on your next night out or Stag Party weekend! Finally, if you're looking to book your stag party weekend. Drop us a line on for more details! 

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Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks

Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks If you're anything like myself lads and leave everything to last minute. I feel your pain. Normally, I just assumer everything will be fine and work itself out. Then a slight panic sets in as the date draws closer. That's why we pride ourselves on delivering incredible last minute Stag Party weekends in So, if you've left planning the stag to the last minute, chances are you have left the stag party prank planning to the last minute. We have you cover lads with these Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks! All these Stag Party Pranks require very little prep lads. Fake Tan the Groom Regardless of where you're heading for the stag weekend. You'll be able to pick up a bit of fake tan in any shop or pharmacy on route. Ensure the Stag falls into a deep sleep on the first night of the Stag. I reckon you'll be able to handle that. While he sleeps cover his face in fake tan and leave overnight. Then just play the waiting game until he wakes up the following morning looking more like an umpa lumpa than a grown man. The Spike This one is simple lads. Just swap the stags glass of water he has left next to the bed for the morning after with a glass of vodka. When he wakes up with a hangover and dry mouth and goes to down the glass he'll get a bit of a shock. Venue Prank A classic Stag Party Prank lads. Just tell the stag you're all meeting in a certain bar. Then go to a different bar, preferably across the road, so you can see his reaction that no one has shown up. Mars Bar Prank Finally, the simple but brilliant Mars Bar Prank. Just pick up a Mars Bar in any newsagents. When the stag eventually passes out from partying and far to many shots. Take the Mars Bar out of the wrapper and simply drop it down the back of his jocks and let his body heat do the trick over the next few hours. When he wakes up he'll be in a bit of a sticky mess. So there you have it lads. Just a few Quick Last Minute Stag Party Pranks to pull on your mate! If you're looking for any more inspiration make sure to check out our Stag Party Pranks section!

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Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag

Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag There is a noticeable chill in the air lads. It's about this time of the year where you start looking for the best pubs with a fireplace to warm yourself up with a hot whiskey or pint. A Stag Party at this time of the year is fantastic in my opinion. It's great pub weather. However, I do love a stag party activity. But, if you fancy staying indoors and warm. Here are a few Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag! Bubble Football A classic Stag Party activity at this stage. Bubble Football never fails to deliver a great day of messing. Jump inside an inflatable ball and begin to bump and whack your best friends into next week. Oh there is a game of football still to be played and some goals to bag. But, trust me when I say it. Once the whistle goes you'll care very little about the ball and your aim will be to settle a few old scores. The beauty of Bubble Football is that it can be played almost anywhere and at this time of the year you'll be sure to be indoors! Whiskey Tasting Start as you mean to go I say. If you're having a Winter Stag Party and you hate the cold. Well then park yourself in some cosy surroundings and enjoy a whiskey tasting. The Whiskey will not only warm up your insides but it will warm you up for the night ahead. It's also a fantastic opportunity to try different whiskeys that you may normally not try! Cheers lads! Karting There are plenty of great Indoor Karting tracks in Ireland which is why it makes the list of Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag! A nice dry track to not only fuel your need for speed and deliver that adrenaline hit. Karting will allow you test your driving skills against your best mates. Who doesn't want to know who is the best driver in the group? Connemara Pub Tour As I mentioned already. Winter is brilliant pub weather. Tasty pints, fire roaring and plenty of sport on TV. If your stag is all about enjoying the inside of Ireland's fantastic public houses. Make sure you check out the Connemara Pub Tour. You'll be ferried to some brilliant pubs in Connemara setting you nicely for a big night out in Galway or Westport. Football Darts One for the football mad Stag. After you've risen from the first night of the stag. Test your footballing skills with some Football Darts. Play in teams or as individuals to win a certain number of games. Will you be the first to hit 180? Or will you be the one who misses the huge dart board completely when you do the broomstick spin? So there you have it lads. Just a few of my favourite Indoor Activities for a Winter Stag! Will you be trying any of these great stag party activities before a big night ahead? Finally, if you haven't started to plan the Stag yet. Make sure and drop us a line on today! 

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Top Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts

Top Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts You can't have a Stag Party really without you Best Man and Groomsmen can you. They're the ones tasked at making sure you have a memorable weekend and that you get a proper send off. Now they certainly get a helping hand in planning the Stag Party thanks to us. But, it's always nice to say thanks to you best mates for a job well done and for getting you to the big day. So, here are some the Top Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts! Leather Wash Bag It's classy, thoughtful and the messer will actually get some use out of it. Also, if he's a dirty bugger make sure to pop some shower gel in the bag too Hip Flask A great best man or groomsman gift in my opinion is a hip flask. You can also get it personalized which is always a nice touch. On the big day make sure to top it up with his favourite grog and tell him to enjoy throughout the day. Decanter Depending on his tipple this could be for whiskey, port or wine. Either way it's a great gift and the idea is that you enjoy a glass of something in a few weeks time to discuss the honeymoon. Cigar What goes great with Whiskey? Besides a Stag Party of course. A fine Cuban cigar. Pick up a couple for you, the best man and your groomsmen. Enjoy them after the dinner with a fine class of scotch. Trust me it will be one of your most memorable moments from the day. Budgy Smugglers Finally, if you're looking for something a little different and to make one hell of a photo op on the wedding. Get all the lads a pair of budgy smugglers. It's a great laugh and you're guests are going to love it! Plus you can use them again at the pool! Just have a look here!! So, there you have it lads. Our Top Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts suggestions. Is there anything you'd add to the list? Finally, if you haven't booked your Stag Party weekend yet. Make sure to drop us a line today on!

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How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game

How To Turn Monopoly Into A Drinking Game I was recently on a stag party weekend that saw me take full advantage of the residents bar. In the hotel lobby there was a variety of board games. A friend and I in an effort to continue drinking long into the night and not pass out asleep decided we'd play monopoly to help stay awake. This game of Monopoly soon turned into a drinking game. This is how to turn Monopoly into a drinking game lads. The game plays as normal with just a few rules added on: Drink if you land on someones property but down it if they own the entire set. Drink a shot if you land on a hotel Nominate someone to drink for 5 seconds should they past 'GO' Land on Chance, the barman chooses a shot/drink for you Land on Community Chest, you get to choose the shot! Roll a double, down your pint. If you land yourself in Jail. Bail is to down 2 pints to be released. If the bank owes you money, you can choose to have someone down their drink. I won't lie after a heavy night on the lash, this game was tougher than it looks. I've also never been good at monopoly even when I'm sober. This would also make a great drinking game to get the second wind on day 2 of the stag! As with any stag party weekend adding a few little extras to any game, football match or stag party activity will make for a great stag party drinking game.   Finally, if you do help planning a rip roaring weekend with the lads. Then contact us at today for more information!

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Brewery and Distillery Tours in Dublin

Brewery and Distillery Tours in Dublin Dublin offers a range of activity options for your stag weekend. But we strongly recommend you take a look at our Brewery and Distillery Tours in Dublin for you and the lads! Distillery Tour Book a distillery tour and watch how all those simple ingredients make that beautiful whiskey you enjoy down the local each weekend. Now wouldn’t it be cruel to show you how it’s all made and not even give you a taste? Don't worry! Everyone that goes on a distillery tour gets to sample some whiskey at the end. Everyone we have sent on a distillery tour has come back to us and said it’s a fantastic experience! A distillery tour is not just available in Dublin, you can book this activity on our Cork, Athlone, and Mullingar stag party packages. Guinness Storehouse Have you ever wanted to visit the Guinness Store House? Well now you can! This attraction is one that everyone needs to see at least once in their life. The St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin has become one of Ireland’s most popular attractions globally. On the top floor you will find Gravity bar where you’ll get to sample a delicious creamy pint of Guinness. It wouldn’t be a stag party without a few pints! Brewery Tour Do you and your friends love beer? Taking part in a brewery tour is a great way to start the day with your mates. It lets you have a few drinks throughout the day before the proper shenanigans of the evening kicks off! Visiting a brewery allows you and your mates to learn how your favourite beers are made and even get the chance to enjoy a tasting afterwards! A brewery tour is available in many destinations all over Ireland. Check out the list here. There is a whole range of activities to choose from in Dublin for a weekend away with the lads. Need help with organising your stag party? Contact us today!

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Superhero Stag Party

Superhero Stag Party Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's a stag party!!! We all grew up watching our favourite superheros on TV lads. We spent hours discussing who was better. Superman or Batman? Or what X men you'd be. (Wolverine if anyone has any interest). So why not take that love of your favourite superhero and have a Superhero Stag Party. With Halloween just around the corner this is the perfect time to organise a Superhero Stag Party! If you know you're superhero comics, shows etc you'll know there is a variety of different story lines, time lines and crossovers. Our advice is forget all about that and simply pick your favourite character and dress up as him for the stag. Just make sure there's not 2 Superman's or Wolverine's knocking about on the night. Lot's of stag party groups will go all out and arrive in full costume and accessories. They'll turn heads wherever they go and sure at some point in the night they'll be perfectly dressed to help a damsel in distress. There is another option however for those stag party groups who want to keep a low profile. All the lads have to wear a superhero tshirt. It's a really cool idea without drawing attention to yourself. It also makes for some great pictures on the night. The hardest thing about the Superhero Stag Party is choosing who you'll be! If you're interested in organising a stag party to remember, drop us a line on or call us today on 051390383.

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We’re Kings of planning the Last Minute Stag

We're Kings of planning the Last Minute Stag Who are we kidding lads. As a gender, planning is not high up on our skills list in general. We have the ability to name football team sheets from years gone by, turn random games into drinking games and have the fantastic ability to show our love to friends by mocking them incessantly. So, it's no real surprise that with all the mockings and the attention to detail you put into that daily, that you'd forget to actually plan something for a mates stag. But no fear is here and We're Kings of planning the Last Minute Stag! Joking aside lads, there is a few reasons for leaving the Stag Party preparations until late in the day. Lads not confirming there attendance or potential attendance for a weekend of laughing, messing and drinking. I can't for the life of me think why you wouldn't be in for that. But also there may be no one tasked with the job of planning it, disputing what activity to do, where to go and when. All valid reasons but when you're 6 weeks out from the big day, nothing booked and fearing that if you leave it any closer the groom will be in a cruel condition on the day give us a call. Here's a few reasons why: Location Options: We have so many locations for you to choose from for your Stag Party lads. If you fancy keeping it local, fancy a spin or board a plane and he head abroad. We have a Stag Party location to suit anyone. Activity Options: We have an extensive amount of Stag Party activities on offer, (which you can see in full here), that are almost all available all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, activities like the Connemara pub tour is kinda restricted to that location Accommodation Options: One other thing we offer is a variety of fantastic accommodation options for any type of budgets. We work with great suppliers over the years and are sure to squeeze a Stag Party group in for us if it's a last minute thing. But we'll make sure you get to choose from a hostel just to throw your head on a pillow to get a few hours before getting stuck into another day with the lads. To excellent hotels that will allow you to relax and party in style at the same time. Nightlife: We also make sure on our stags, be it a last minute stag or not, has a some finger food and shots in bar to set you up for the night. Followed by entry to a club and another round of shots to get those legs moving on the dancefloor. So, there you have it lads. Don't worry if you haven't booked a single thing for the Stag Party weekend. Just give us a call on 051-390383 or email us on and we'll sort an incredible stag in super quick time! And with our pay individually option there is no need to be chasing lads either.

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With over 10 years of experience creating rip roaring weekends for you and the lads, our team here at are now going to take team building events to a whole new level! has just launched! Do you live in Ireland? Or even in Manchester or Liverpool? Then we can help! Why not let us organise the perfect event to suit the needs of your group? Did you know there are many benefits to team building activities. Here at we have a wide range of fantastic activities, everything from Karting, to Spa Days! All our packages have been specially designed to make sure your group has a fantastic team building event. Team bonding is so important! Getting your team together in a fun setting can build a sense of looking out for each other and more importantly builds trust within a team. During team building, your team will get the chance to learn about each other and build even greater respect for their team mates. We guarantee this all happens in a fun environment! Like what you hear? Then why not drop us a line today to and you can get your work team on a bonding session not to forget! As they say.... team work makes the dream work!

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4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party

4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party It can be a difficult process sometimes deciding on the stag party location. Finding a location with great stag party activities, pubs and clubs are essential elements in choosing a stag party location. We're always looking to make the process of organsing a stag easier lads, so with that here are 4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party! 1. All the Accommodation, Pubs & Clubs Are In Walking Distance Let's be honest here lads. Most stag parties will involve a decent amount of drinking. You'll probably hit a few different pubs during the day to get a flavour of the town or city you've chosen for the stag. One of the great things about Cork City is all the pubs and clubs are in walking distance of each other. So, if you decide to go on a pub crawl you'll spend more time drinking then you will walking or trying to find the next pub. This also comes in handy after you break the seal! And when it's time to hit the leaba, it's only a short stroll back past some tasty chippers too. 2. The Pub Scene Itself As mentioned above the pubs and clubs are all in walking distance. However, there is also a huge variety and selection of pubs on offer in Cork City to suit any stag party group. Cork has some brilliant sports bars that serve up great pints, food and sport every weekend. If you're more into craft beers you'll find fantastic breweries and bars offering their local brew around every corner. And if you're looking for a trendy and super slick bar you'll find plenty. 3. Late Bars and Clubs Many of the most popular pubs and bars in Cork are late bars. So, if you and the lads are locked in a great session, laughing and joking on and fancy not moving you're sorted. If you do fancy stretching the legs on the dance floor and pulling some questionable moves then there is no shortage of top quality clubs in Cork. All the clubs are hoping at the weekend and are always brilliant craic! 4. Stag Party Activities You're liver will probably thank you for taking some time out from drinking to do a stag party activity gents. And Cork city has tons of them. There are stag party favourites like Paintball, Karting and Bubble Football of course. But if you're looking for something a little more unique then why not give Zip Lining a try. If you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie you can give Cable Wakeboarding a try or test your football skills with a round of Footgolf! Whatever you choose as your stag activity you're in for a great time and you'll work up a serious thirst for the pints in the pub afterwards. So, there you have it lads! 4 Reasons for a Cork Stag Party! Will you be heading to the Rebel County for your Stag? Finally, if you're interested in booking a Cork Stag Party. Contact us today on 051390383 or email for more details!   

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