Karting for a Stag Party Activity

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Karting for a Stag Party Activity

 Karting is a very popular stag party activity and is suitable for any group. Cross the finish line before everyone else and you’ll not only feel like a winner, but you’ll be able to rub it in for the rest of the stag party. Karting is a fantastic activity and is definitely a great option for any stag party. With karting race tracks found in Cork, Galway, Kilkenny, Dublin, and more, you’ll find a karting race track nearby wherever you decide to go on the stag party. So let us tell you why we think karting is a great stag party activity. On our mark. Get set. Let’s go!


Suitable for all ages

 Karting is suitable for any man on the stag party, no matter what age he may be. This makes karting one of the best activities available for any stag party with a mixed age group.


It’s safe

 With barriers all around the race track and each of you given your own personal helmet and safety briefing, you’ll be kept safe in all situations. You might take some hits along the way but it all adds to the great fun you’ll be having.

No experience needed

 Whether you’ve driven before or not, it doesn’t matter because with karting, anyone can get behind the wheel and be good at it. Just remember to turn the wheels and keep the pedal to the metal and you’ll do just fine!

Fast & fun

 Karting is basically driving around a racetrack in a bumper car at speed. Racing around at roughly 60 to 80kph at only 1 or 2 inches from the ground, you’ll be whizzing past everyone and loving the adrenaline that comes with it all! All you’ve got to do is focus on winning by getting across the finish line ahead of your mates. Sounds easy enough…

Lots of banter afterwards

 The activity itself can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want it to be, it’s completely your choice. But if competition is your choice then you’ll be racing for bragging rights to rub it in your mates’ faces afterwards. Having some playful banter over a few pints will add some great laughs as the night goes on!


 Whether you can drive well or not at all, go-karting is something that everyone can take up with little to no experience. All you’ve really got to do is put the foot down and steer around the corners and even though it’s a relatively simple idea, it provides a lot of fun and competition. And at the end of it you’ll have bragging rights on who’s the best racer!



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