Paintballing for a Stag Party

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Why not make the most of the testosterone levels in your stag party group and take part in a round of paintballing? The one game where you can shoot family and friends and not have to face any consequences.


In a game of paintballing it’s hunt or be hunted as you split into two teams and try to either attack or defend a position. It’s great fun and is the perfect choice if you want to get the adrenaline pumping! It’s even a bit of a workout because you’ll be running and gunning as you aim to keep yourself safe and make your team the winners!


But what else makes paintballing for a stag party such a fantastic activity? Let’s find out. Here’s Paintballing for a Stag Party!



Paintballing might sound dangerous, but it’s actually completely safe. Your safety is always the priority! All you’ll feel when you get hit by a paintball (and you will get hit…A LOT!)  is a bit of a pinch, and you don’t even have to worry about your face as you’ll be provided with a faceguard to protect the eyes, nose and mouth.


Lots of fun

Armed with a paintball gun and lots of ammo, you’ll have to shoot your way through the enemy team and ensure your team is the winner. Run and gun, or plan your approach on how to best deal with the opposing team. Lots of fun will come and it’ll be a great experience for all. It’s like a real life version of Call of Duty multiplayer. Ahhh, the memories…


Paintballing for a Stag is Competitive

The group will be split into two teams. And that’s where the fun starts! One team will have to defend a position and the other will have to attack that same position in a capture the flag sort of way. So what’s the prize? Bragging rights! Tensions will rise, loyalties might be tested, and friendships may be broken…we joke, but you get the point!


Great for large groups

Paintballing is great for large groups because it involves two teams. So the more men you have the bigger the teams will be, thus the better the game you’ll have! 


Paintballing for a Stag is Easy to find

With paintballing areas found in Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Galway and more, you won’t have to travel very far to find somewhere near you!



It’s no wonder paintballing is a massively popular stag party activity. From the amount of fun you’ll have to the level of competition it’ll bring out in your group to how easy it is to find a place that does paintballing, it’s a no-brainer as to why paintballing is a great stag party activity.


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So what are you waiting for? Ready? Aim. Fire!




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