Stag Party Locations for 2020: Top Ten

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Soooo, 2019 was the year the Groom proposed and he needs a Stag Party in 2020. Well, let’s start by choosing a location… Below are some of the best options for Stag Party Locations in 2020. In no particular order, here is the list:



  1. Galway

Ahhh, good ol’ Galway…the best city in Ireland for a mix of modern and traditional Irish culture. Galway is a fantastic city that combines both sides of Ireland really well! Go from pub to pub not knowing whether you’ll be listening to trad music or the Top Charts. But one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll have an incredible time on a Galway Stag Party.


  1. Cork

Welcome to Cork, boy! The Rebel County is full of amazing people, places to see and activities to partake in. You’ll love your time in Cork because you’ll be made feel welcome. They’re always up for the craic and the nightlife is fantastic! You could do a lot worse than a Cork Stag.


  1. Kilkenny

The medieval city is a massively popular location for Stag Parties, and it’s easy to see why! The city is steeped in Irish history and the locals are always welcoming to groups looking to give the Groom a great party. They might even join in!


  1. Kerry

All the way down in the South West, Kerry has some great spots to host a Stag Party. From Killarney to Tralee, Dingle and Kenmare, you’ve got a few options when it comes to Kerry. The County is such a great place for any Stag Party!


  1. Dublin

The Big City feel is alive and well in Dublin! The city is the only place in the country that you can find international food chains such as Five Guys and Hard Rock Cafe. The nightlife is amazing and the selection of activities is also top notch. Dublin is definitely deserving to be on this list!


  1. Belfast

Looking for fun and active things to do on your Stag Party? Well Belfast is the place for just that! The city is situated on the coast and is surrounded by hills and mountains. That means you’ll find a massive range of adventurous activities in Belfast. From surfing to abseiling, kayaking and more!


  1. Carrick on Shannon

Co. Leitrim is home to this riverside town. You’d have no clue the town has a small population because of how popular it is among Stag Parties and Hens. The town is always busy with the amount of people on their own Stags and Hens. You’ll be sure to bump into another group in Carrick on Shannon.


  1. Prague

Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most popular Stag Party locations in Europe! The nightlife is something else, with bars and clubs staying open until 4am and 6am, respectively! You’ll have a great time on a Prague Stag!


  1. Liverpool

Liverpudlians love the Irish! You’ll fit right in on a Liverpool Stag. With an amazing nightlife, plenty of activities to do, places to see, drinks to… well, drink…you’ll have mighty craic!


  1. Newcastle

Slowly becoming one of the top locations in the UK, Newcastle is a place full of wild characters, fun-filled nightclubs and some friendly locals who are always up for the craic! A Newcastle Stag is an experience that’s on its own level.


So lads, have you got a location in mind? If so, then send us an email now and let’s get your 2020 Stag Party sorted!



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