The Best Munster Stag Party Locations

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Are you looking for the best Munster Stag Party locations? Well look no further because we’ve come up with a list of some of our favourite spots! Here they are…


Cork City

Cork is an incredible city all the way down south in Munster. It’s home to the Rebels who think of Cork as The Real Capital. Don’t ever tell them otherwise, lads! They may be known as some of the friendliest people in the world, but they’re also called Rebels for a reason… But one of the best things about a Cork City Stag is the amount of activities you’ll find there and the fun that comes from those activities. From paintballing to karting, Escape Rooms and a wide number of watersports. As well as those you’ll also find a thriving Comedy scene so maybe check that out. One thing’s for certain, you’ll find it all in Cork!

Some of the activities in Cork include a Brewery Tour, Bubble Soccer, Escape Rooms, Zorbing and Cable Wakeboarding.



Killarney is one of the most popular Stag Party locations in all of Ireland. And rightfully so! It’s an amazing town that’s easy to get to thanks to a fantastic public transport network, but the best part is that once you arrive you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Killarney has been showing Stag Parties a warm welcome for many years now. It’s a real tourist area so that means Killarney has more than you need when it comes to places to eat, drink and have fun. The choice is yours, lads!

In Killarney you’ll find activities like Paintball, Laser Combat, Bubble Soccer, Surfing, Archery and Escape Rooms.


Waterford City

Home to some of the most artistic murals you’ll find in Ireland, Waterford City is a great place for any Stag Party. As city’s go, it’s a relatively small one. But that means that everything is nice and compact. With a massive variety of Stag Party activities available around the city as well as a large selection of bars and restaurants, Waterford has everything you need for the perfect Stag Party. Oh and it has a handful of nightclubs to choose from as well. So take your pick!

Waterford has many activities which include 5-a-side Soccer, Kayaking, a Night at the Dogs, Surfing, Segway Polo, Bubble Soccer and Paintball!



Ennis is another great spot located in Munster. This time we’re going all the way West or Wesht to County Clare. They’re a welcoming folk and the town has a lot to offer to a Stag Party. But what we absolutely love about Ennis is that it brings you near to The Burren. And not only The Burren, but The Cliffs of Moher and also Father Ted’s House. Would ya like a cuppa tea? Ah go on!

The activities found in Ennis include Archery, Rock Climbing, Paint a Nude and the Father Ted Tour.


Limerick City

You’ll have an amazing time in the city of Limerick! It’s a really fun city that has a massive selection of pubs and clubs. And if you’re a rugby fan, Limerick is the home of Munster’s home grounds, Thomond Park. You might catch a game while you’re on your Limerick Stag. Pack this on top of all of the other great activities that Limerick has to offer and you’re onto a winner!

Limerick’s activities include Mountain Biking, Hurling & Gaelic Football, Kayaking, Bubble Soccer and Escape Rooms.


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So lads, this has been our favourite Munster Stag Party locations! If any of the above areas sound like the location for you then feel free to email us on for more information.


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